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I didn't expect to have a chance to watch the Totoro in the cinema. I went to see it on the first day of the show. I visited the Kyrgyzstan city of Kumamoto in Kyushu, Japan a few years ago. The owner and driver and the tour guide once pointed to one place. The Totoro's forest, this time I watched the movie, the farmland, the towering trees and the mountains in the distance, it is quite like! There is also a shrine nearby, but it has also appeared in another cartoon. It is not spoiled here. Although very familiar with the Totoro's soundtrack, this is the first time to watch the Totoro's movie. The film of a few decades ago seems to be out of date, perhaps the innocence and pureness is the secret to keep youth forever. Whether it is a stupid chinchillas, family and friendship, it is unforgettable. Just thinking that when I grow up, I may never see the Totoro anymore, a little regrettable. In the days when I lived in Renji City, it seems that the whole life has slowed down. There are no shops and restaurants, and there are few convenience stores, but I dont feel any inconvenience. If there is a forest where the Totoro lives, maybe it is here~
작성일: 2018년 12월 14일
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