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Living here is not the United States Zizi Kamakura Buddha located in the ancient Tudor Temple in the ancient capital of Kamakura, the Amitabha statue of the bronze statue commonly known as the Kamakura Buddha, is the symbol of the ancient capital Kamakura, the Buddha's net height of 11.3 meters, even the pedestal 13.35 meters, weighing about 121 tons. The Buddha statue was built in 1252. The flat face of the Buddha, the lower meat and the forward leaning posture, etc., have the style of the Song Dynasty Buddha statue popular in the Kamakura period. It is a representative statue of the Kamakura period and was designated as the Japanese national treasure. . Unlike the Great Buddha of Nara Todai-ji Temple, which has undergone many repairs in later generations, the Kamakura Buddha has basically maintained the original form of the statue, so it is very precious. Interestingly, the Kamakura Buddha, one of the three largest Buddha statues in Japan, is also suffering from the fate of Kamakura. The original Kamakura Buddha, which was built in 1238, has a wooden structure and has been completed for six years. But after three years, it was destroyed by a typhoon. Thus, in 1253, the bronze statue of sitting Buddha was recast and enshrined in the Great Buddha Hall. The Great Buddha Hall also experienced many typhoons, fire damage, and was rebuilt again and again. But in 1498, the entire hall was destroyed by the intrusion of sea water. Since then, Buddha statues have been worshipped in the open air until now.
고베,추천 트립 모먼트
[Drinking in Japan, you still have to go to Kobe] There is such a saying in Japan: "Good West Point has gone to Japan, and Japan's good West Point has gone to Kobe." Thanks to the opening of the port for foreign exchange, the first West Point in Japan was in Hyogo Prefecture. Now, the number of foreign fruit stores in Hyogo Prefecture can be counted as the first in Japan. Especially Kobe, the "Mr.machi" commercial street is a paradise for dessert madman. There are dozens of dessert houses here, and it is also the famous West Point Street. The Kobe foreign fruit we talked about today, not bread, nor cake, but PATISSERIE! French dessert. The French are a romantic nation, and the locals have also infused the love of life into the production of desserts. There is a French word: joie de vivre (the joy of life), expressing the French daily sweetness attitude. [Color R] Sannomiya This PATISSERIE TOOTH TOOTH, the boss once lived in France for a long time, won the true meaning of French dessert. The shop window is like a jewel box, and the pieces of elaborate desserts shine under the lights. The layer of [color R] is a take-away area. In addition to desserts, French cookies and black tea, the beautiful gift packaging highlights the festive atmosphere before New Year's Day. [Color R] The second floor dining area needs to be in place. We arrived at three in the afternoon and waited nearly one hour. Because I want to taste something special, we ordered the dessert of the season strawberry and chestnut, and ordered two pots of black tea and one rose and one ginger.
고베,추천 트립 모먼트
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KIRARI stayed, and one of Japan's three hot springs, Ima Hot Springs , heard the name of Taige's soup before I went to Kobe. Taige's soup is very large, not comparable to ordinary hot spring hotels; similar to the domestic bliss soup, it has 26 kinds of baths and rock baths, and there are also some of the most special gold and silver soups in Ma Hot Springs. There is also a comprehensive dining and entertainment facility that can be used for bathing alone or for a stay. The guest bath is free and there is a dedicated elevator to the spa area. In short, it is very suitable for a family to come on vacation. The attitude of the front desk is particularly special, and we have explained the many precautions for staying at the hotel. After picking up the bathrobe next to the elevator, you can enter the room! The room is a standard Japanese-style room, and the feeling of the wind is coming, it is a big surprise at the beginning of the trip! I don't mention much good things about taking pictures. There is a separate balcony area, as well as a wet and dry separation area. Full-featured and modern, the quality of the facilities in the room is nothing to say. Every night, the staff will come over and help make the bed. The first time I found out that the Japanese tatami is so popular! The hotel's breakfast buffet is also very rich, the ingredients are very fresh; the restaurant area has tatami seats, there are normal seats, very user-friendly. The big show is naturally a hot spring! This is the oldest hot spring in the Kansai region of Japan, and the Gero hot springs and Kusatsu Onsen are also known as the three famous springs in Japan. Ama Onsen is said to be quite popular with Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He has not only come here several times, but also rebuilt the hot springs and is committed to holding a tea party, which has made the horse prosper. Living in KIRARI, it is natural to experience the hot springs here. In-house guests can go to the soup of Taige and enjoy the exclusive hot springs. The style of the hot spring area is also Japanese traditional courtyard style, a bit like the world in the movie "Spirited Away". Many people ask for the presence of Jinquan and Yinquan in the hall before booking a stay at Ama Hot Spring. This is the two kinds of hot springs that are most worthy of experience in the horse: Jinquan contains a lot of iron ingredients, the color is brownish brown, it is quite effective in treating neuralgia; Yinquan is colorless and transparent, contains carbonated springs and radioactive springs, for chronic digestive diseases, Chronic constipation and gout have a certain effect. Both hot springs experience it and it feels like the whole person has been cured. The lotion prepared in the guest spa area, the lotion is POLA. In addition to the Jinquan and Yinquan features of the Ma Hot Springs, hot springs such as carbonated hot springs and vanilla hot springs can also be enjoyed here. In addition, steam baths and saunas, rock bath equipment are also available here! You can feel so many kinds of hot springs at a time, and you have a great value for money.
Shirley Zhu
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