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Joe Cai   
Going to Seattle for a literary coffee tour Seattle is known as the City of Coffee, not only because the world's first Starbucks is here, but also because there are many different coffee shop brands. So when planning, I also listed some classic coffee shops in the plan. Storyville Coffee The atmosphere of this coffee shop is comparable to that of the Starbucks Baking Workshop. There are also many chain stores in Seattle and one in the Pike Market. This coffee shop is very famous. When I went, it seemed that I had just queued up for 10 minutes. The overall decoration style is based on brown, playing old-fashioned music, hanging retro lamps, and the echo of natural light is very emotional. The whole cafe is also full of the aroma of coffee roasting. You can get the menu in advance and choose to reduce the time when ordering. The clerk will ask if you are here or take it out. I suggest finding a seat to sit down here. Feel the atmosphere of this coffee shop slowly. Caffe Ladro This is also the chain coffee brand in Seattle. First of all, I was attracted by the signboard of this coffee shop. It is very special. The figure of this person is close to Halloween, which is in line with the atmosphere at that time. The coffee shop will also follow the season to dress up. The decoration style is relatively simple, slightly more elegant than Starbucks, and there are fewer coffee varieties, but this coffee shop is also famous for baking high-quality coffee beans. You may wish to buy a bag and try your own coffee and feel Seattle. the taste of. Victrola Coffee This coffee shop, with several outlets in Seattle, is one of Seattle's time-honored coffee shops. For more than a decade, the coffee shop has been in the process of baking small batches. There is a coffee museum in Capitol Hill in Seattle. In order to give you a better understanding of coffee, you can see professional bakers as coffee every day. Fan service. The one I went to was a small storefront, but the location was absolutely good. It was located in the downtown shopping mall, and the coffee shop was in the lobby of the Amazon building. The decoration was very simple and retro. Also sold in the store are their own roasted coffee beans and coffee cups. The taste of coffee is mellow, and the bitterness and stimulation of the throat is very strong. Because it is located in the Amazon office building and shopping center, and the storefront is also the perspective of the glass window, so I saw more office workers and shoppers. People are like an experience that is integrated into Seattle.
작성일: 2019년 5월 19일
Two must-see attractions in Seattle, Kerry Park and Pike Market. I went to a city, I like to go to the heights, and I like to go to the market. On the high side, you can overlook the panoramic view of the city, while in the market, you can feel the fireworks on earth. Many people choose the highest building space needle in the city at the Ascend in Seattle, but I recommend Kerry Park, which is a little further from the city, because the space needle itself can be seen here. When the weather is fine, the snow-capped mountains behind the city are also clearly visible. The Pike Market is not just a market, but a popular tourist destination in Seattle. Hyun Bin and Tang Weis "Late Autumn" once took a picture here. The market is full of colorful, large and small stalls displaying flowers, cheese, seafood, fruits and vegetables, second-hand accessories and tourist souvenirs, from time to time to see street performers. Most notably, the world's first Starbucks is also here. I went very early on the day, the flower sellers just transported the flowers and placed them on the side of the road. The water drops on the petals shimmered like pearls under the bright sun, walking here. In a good mood, the exhaustion and time difference of long-distance flight disappeared without a trace. Walking along, inadvertently went to the door of the world's first Starbucks, with a mottled plate "1912" at the door. Go in and order a cup of caramel latte and buy a bag of coffee beans that are said to be available only in this world. There are no seats in the store, some people havetily took away the coffee, and some people stand by the window and chat while chatting. There is a disabled person at the door who sings and sings my favorite old man.
작성일: 2019년 3월 12일
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