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The wind blowing from the seaside, a group of Japanese-style small fresh from Inner Mongolia... This trip to Inner Mongolia, the equipment is a bit more, who makes Xilin Gol so beautiful~~ Fortunately, my backpack is not only online, Still big enough to fit ~~ Gaton Luga
작성일: 2019년 8월 5일
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커스커텅기,추천 트립 모먼트
Baiyin Baosha Sandy Spruce Scenic Area, the two highlights of the scenic spot are the white sound bag and the sand spruce. The bag is a place where Mongolians sacrifice their blessings. The Baiyinbao is one of the five big bags of Chifeng. On May 12 and 13, the herdsmen will come here to sacrifice. The Baiyinbao Sandy Spruce Scenic Area is actually a protected area. The main protection object is the rare and rare sandy spruce forest ecosystem in the world. Sandy spruce is a rare and precious tree species, with only a few hundred thousand mu, all growing in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Only 30,000 mu are concentrated in the film, and they are concentrated in the Keshiketeng Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The venue for the sand spruce in the Baiyinbao protection area has two floors. The rare plants of the sand spruce are introduced from different aspects. Into the venue, first made a brief introduction to the China Keshiketeng National Geological Park. There are several parks in the National Geological Park. One of them is the Stone Circle Scenic Spot we went to yesterday. The Baiyinbao National Nature Reserve is also Part of the Geopark.
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