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"Slam Dunk" is the sacred existence of our generation. The back of the river station of Kamakura and the back of Sakuragi Flower Road is an important reason why everyone is obsessed with Kamakura. In fact, Kamakura itself is an ancient capital with a long history. . 1, Yuling Shrine, the best shooting time from 6:30 to 7:00 in the summer, the sun has not yet gone down, the light is just right, the train comes out of the tunnel and the lights are turned on. You can take the train and the hydrangea together. Figure 12 2, Mingyueyuan, Mingyue Courtyard is located on the hill of the ancient capital of Kamakura. Take the public transportation of the power of the river to the moonlight, and the north Kamakura station can be down. The most famous of the hydrangea season is the beautiful hydrangea in front of the mountain gate. Every day, we have to line up for photos, and the order is very good. Figure 3Fig. 4 3, Changgu Temple, you can take the power of the river to the stop of Changgu Temple, the Changgu Temple Station of Jiangzhidian, you can also take a photo of the hydrangea and the train. The Ziyanghua Trail in Changgu Temple is the most famous. Figure 5 4, Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine is free, and its history dates back to 1063. The main god in the Eight Diagrams Palace is the Eight Diagrams God, the Valkyrie. It is the symbol of Kamakura. Figure 6 5, Xiaomachitong, the only way to Tsuruoka, the ancient streets of Kamakura, with shops on both sides, you can rent a bathrobe or kimono here and experience a transvestite. Figure 7 playing suggestions: After visiting the above recommended spots, it is best to arrange for two days, you can have enough play. If there is only one day, it is recommended to go to Mingyueyuan and give up Changgu Temple. The yinyang flower of Mingyueyuan is better than Changgu Temple. Its a lot of good.
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