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The ancients used chrysanthemums as wine, "Chrysanthemum Shu, and picking stems and leaves, chowder for brewing, until the beginning of September 9th, cooked, it is called chrysanthemum wine." Chrysanthemum protects the liver and eyesight, modern people Common chrysanthemum tea, often drink, the effect is significant. The Kaifeng people loved the chrysanthemums as life and passed on the tradition of the Chrysanthemum in the Northern Song Dynasty. From the compilation of 36 kinds of chrysanthemums written by Liu Meng, the collection of chrysanthemums in the Northern Song Dynasty, a collection of famous chrysanthemums, compiled a series of "Bai Ju Ji Ji", recorded more than 160 kinds of chrysanthemum varieties in the Northern Song Dynasty, This dynasty of the Northern Song Dynasty was Kaifeng, which allowed the chrysanthemum to become a flower that everyone loved and enjoyed, and opened the flourishing of chrysanthemums, so that the chrysanthemum varieties were carried forward. There are more than 270 types of chrysanthemums in the Ming Dynasty. Li Shizhens "Compendium of Materia Medica" records more than 500 kinds of chrysanthemums, and there are more than 800 kinds of chrysanthemums in the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, since 1983, the varieties of chrysanthemums held in Kaifeng every year have reached several Thousands of species, saying that Kaifeng is the hometown of Chrysanthemum is not an exaggeration. Chrysanthemum not only became the city flower of Kaifeng, but also became the soul of Kaifeng, and it quietly exudes its cleansing. Longting Park ticket price: 80 yuan. Opening time: 08
작성일: 2018년 12월 19일
The Kaifeng Tower was built in 1049 by the fourth emperor Song Renzong of the Northern Song Dynasty. The tower is 55.08 meters high. The Kaibao Temple, built on the apex of the octagonal thirteenth floor, was built under the conditions of the time. How many years have been built, it is still an unsolved mystery. The Northern Song Dynasty was built in 168 years in Kaifeng, and the iron tower bricks were just 168 stories. Is it coincidence or God? No one can tell. The predecessor of Kaifeng Tower is a wooden tower ------ Fusheng Tower, built in 989 AD. Now the Henan University Minglun Campus plus the Iron Tower Park, once a famous royal temple --- -- Kaibao Temple, Fusheng Tower is located in Fusheng Courtyard of Kaifeng Iron Tower Park. It was originally one of the 24 Buddhist temples of Kaibao Temple. It was built by the second emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, Emperor Song Taizong, who worshipped the Buddhist ancestor Sakyamuni. . In 1013, the copper bottle of Fusheng Ta Tasha suddenly shimmered, and the third emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, Song Zhenzong, was alerted. The true ancestor personally observed the shrine and gave the wooden tower the name of Inspiration Tower. It is a pity that the wooden tower was burnt down only after 55 years of existence. In 1049, the fourth emperor Song Renzong ordered the reconstruction of the wooden tower as it was. In order to prevent the fire, the material was changed to iron-colored glazed bricks. The name of the tower with the temple is the Kaibao Temple Tower, which is what we now call the tower.
작성일: 2018년 12월 19일
Shanghecheng Snack Street is located on the east side of Songdu Imperial Street in Kaifeng City. It is in the center of the core scenic spot of Kaifeng City. It faces Panyang Lake in the north and faces the majestic and majestic Longting Hall across the lake. The main building and the antique street promenade are antique. The architectural style is in harmony with the scenic area. The food and beverage image featuring snack street has been formed. The brand catering, special catering and street snacks are complete, and the catering culture represented by Kaifeng snacks is gathered. is also a must-have food for Kaifeng. The biggest feature of the soup is that the first bite is bitten, and the fragrant soup is followed by fresh, fragrant and soft. Greasy, Jiangnan's Xiaolongbao has always been my favorite, Kaifeng's Xiaolongbao is not bad. Writing the signature of Wu Dalang's cake, the taste is also well-deserved, the traditional spiced, jujube, sesame, bean paste flavor, as well as the improved taste of fluffy pine, rose, sweet-scented osmanthus, etc., with a lingering spiced crispy cake, crispy Delicious, now the sesame seed is only the staple food of various delicious dishes. How long does it take to savor the sesame seed cake? The oily, facial and sesame notes are reminiscent in the mouth. It is the taste that I missed when I was young. Rose Beancurd, Spicy Beancurd, Eco-Beancurd, Spiced Beancurd, nearly ten flavors, with soy beans, shallots and other ingredients, using wooden barrels as a container for carrying beancurd, can be described as the original, spicy, rose and other sauce flavors It does not cover the pure bean flavor, and the thick taste is reminiscent of the teeth.
작성일: 2018년 12월 21일
In 1049, during the reign of Emperor Renzong in the Northern Song Dynasty, it was also the most prosperous period in the Northern Song Dynasty. This year, in the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, Kaifeng had a seemingly insignificant but far-reaching impact on later generations, that is, Song Renzong ordered the reconstruction of the Kaibao Temple Tower. Kaibao Temple is a royal temple in the Northern Song Dynasty. There is a wooden tower in the temple, which is dedicated to the Buddha relic of Ashoka. Unexpectedly, the wooden tower was only destroyed for 55 years and was burnt down by lightning. In order to prevent fire, the material of the tower was changed to iron-brown glazed tiles. The tower was built on the Yishan Mountain, with a lotus base under the tower. The Yellow River has been flooded many times since the millennium, and Kaifeng City has been submerged again and again. Together with Yishan and the lotus base, it has been buried underground. Today, only the tower body on the ground can be seen. Because the tower is iron brown, since the Yuan Dynasty, the tower has been called the "iron tower." The glory of Kaifeng City during the Northern Song Dynasty, slowly disappeared with the glory of time, only this tower, silently watching the city's millennium changes. The current tower is the symbol of Kaifeng in the ancient city. It is 55.88 meters high and has 13 floors. It has been subjected to dozens of earthquakes, the flooding of the Yellow River, the hail disaster and the artillery bombing of the Japanese invaders. It is still called the first tower in the world. Kaibao Temple in the Northern Song Dynasty, once owned 24 Buddhist temples, facing south. The current tower park is much smaller. After passing through the temple, it is the tower.
작성일: 2018년 12월 23일
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