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Kagoshima is located at the southernmost tip of Kyushu Island in Japan, and is very close to the sea. It is really the beauty of the sea and the sky. Kago Island is small, but the traffic is very convenient, avoiding the bustling team of guests, and the peace of mind to play. Kago Island, a different kind of scenery in my eyes. Few parents have opened an article for Kagoshima alone, Today, follow my footsteps and go to Kagoshima in summer. As a rock garden that can be compared with the history of the Forbidden City, it was built in 1658 and is also known as the Rock Garden. It is the 19th-generation villa of the Shimadzu family. The greenery around Xianyan Garden is very good, and it is so leafy that it is like walking into the depths of the forest. There are many buildings built along the road along the road. There are not many tourists visiting here, and they are quiet all the way. I have read five words, what about you? The picture is a panoramic map here. This is the dress of the ancient king, is it a little scary. When you walk into the scenic spot, there is a cannon that was built later, and the sign tells its history. There are mountains and faces facing the sea, which is really a treasure. And the plants were left in the same year, not cut down. This is also an attraction, Lion Beach, but I dont think its long, I have to experience it myself. The corner of the eaves, the model is the architectural aesthetics of our China. Around a circle, go and go, the air is good. Walking and walking, I found a stream of water, also a dam. It seems to be very low now, not four hundred years ago. The water in the stream is yellow, but the surrounding trees are very lush. From here, overlooking the natural scenery of Sakurajima, it has a sense of spaciousness that is refreshing and refreshing. The courtyard layout here is very clever. It is not far from the Sakurajima volcano as a rockery. With Jinjiang Bay as a pond, it is a beautiful and beautiful Japanese courtyard. It has a reputation as a famous garden.
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