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Mao Mountain
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Baohuashan National Forest Park
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관광 코스
Qianhua Ancient Village
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Shirley Zhu   
Located in the suburbs of Nanjing, the Family Resort Hotel This trip to Nanjing Country Garden Phoenix City Hotel is located at the junction of Nanjing and Zhenjiang Jurong, only half an hour drive from downtown Nanjing. Close to the famous hot spring town of Tangshan, it is full of slow-paced holiday atmosphere, overlooking the green and green. The biggest highlight of the hotel is the outdoor outdoor swimming pool and the parent-child play area. Whether it is a tourist holiday or a business meeting, you can enjoy a quiet time outside the bustling countryside. Hotel high standard hardware facilities are very close to the people, usually 400-500 can get a five-star experience. Although there is no iconic Sistine arcade in the Country Garden lobby, the eye-catching aquarium at the end of the lobby is enough to be a highlight of the hotel, although it is not comparable to the undersea restaurants of those hotels in Sanya. It is also one of the best in hotels in East China. This time, with the baby travel, specially selected the hotel's theme parent-child suite. Spacious, bright and warm. The area of 75 square meters is enough for a lively and active baby to run back and forth. There is a big bed and a small bed in the parent-child room. The side of the big bed is a play area for children. On the table, on the sofa, on the shelf, there are funny cartoon dolls and toys, enough for the baby to play for an afternoon. . There is also a children's playground in the hotel. Although it is not big, but the children can not care about this, so climb up and down, roll around in the ocean ball, still enjoy themselves.
작성일: 2019년 2월 14일
Su Zhaili's Manchu before the definition of vegetarian food is always plain even feel that vegetarian food is the most enduring challenge to taste no big fish big world is complete Daotangfang made the bean products into braised pork. The shape of the duck meat and even the abalone even the taste has a similarity. The vegetarian meal of the vegetarian meal completely broke the stereotype If you have already arrived in Maoshan, you must remember to come. Eat once here, vegetarian from the facade. The symmetrical Chinese courtyard design. The whole restaurant is located in the best landscape of Maoshan. Dao Shifang respects this idea. Pursue a meal for tourists. Nature a restrained and implicit, one from the inside, advocating nature, advocating simplicity, advocating the idea of rebirth, precious life, health preservation understanding of heaven, humanity, eager for "Tao Fa nature" Taoist concept / Hh/ [ice town mung bean soup] one full man from mung bean soup start a bowl of cold mung bean soup especially suitable for summer appetizer [fragrant roasted sweet potato] sweet Sweet potato can be used as a staple food or as a snack Breasted winter melon As a home-cooked dish There is still a place to be found here [Maoshan tofu] Maoshan's tofu is a must. Try it out The most interesting bowl of health porridge is divided into green and green dishes. The shape of yin and yang braised pork made with soy products. It tastes a bit of meat also fat And lean meat skill superb [golden two two] is actually salted duck eggs mixed with glutinous rice is like a "scorpion" in the eggshell [God duck] The shape of the roast duck made with soy products with the scent of sesame oil. The endeavour of endless tofu is eaten. It also has the chewing of sea cucumber [healing abalone still uses soy products but simulates the shape of abalone and finally presents a Fushou noodles as a staple food
작성일: 2019년 8월 7일
Shirley Zhu   
Nanjing is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, the capital of the Ten Dynasties, after thousands of years of nourishment, naturally there is no shortage of delicious food. The Chinese, Western and afternoon teas in the Country Garden Hotel are online, no matter the taste or the value of the face. The exquisite set-up, the brain-opening creativity makes people feel that this is a feast of vision and taste. The hotel advocates the avant-garde and healthy diet concept of multicolored breakfast, which means that breakfast is the first of three meals, because it is especially necessary to emphasize the rich variety of species and the reasonable and scientific diet. In addition to the hotel's breakfast bread omelet salad milk coffee, the hotel also incorporates the most distinctive pot lids in Zhenjiang near the hotel's buffet breakfast. A bowl of hot pot lid, a Chinese-style congee, is more ironed than a bread toast without temperature. The area where the afternoon tea is used in the western restaurant is the original wooden table and chair. It is very small and fresh, and it is arranged to be very childlike during the World Cup. It is suitable for bringing this little girl to taste together. Although there are only two types of afternoon tea, the amount is particularly large. The two big ones and three small ones have not finished eating, not to mention coffee and tea drinks. The upper level is tapas and the mum pattern of the snow Mei Niang, the lower layer is a small cake of various flavors. Desserts are salty, especially Xue Mei Niang is especially suitable for children. Although it certainly can't compare with the 3,400 sets of afternoon tea in the international five-star hotel, but this price to eat such afternoon tea, the price is already very high.
작성일: 2019년 2월 14일
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