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Strolling in the ancient city, stepping on the bluestone road, on both sides of the black tile white wall people, after more than 3,000 years of changes, always carrying too many past events. The mottled walls, the faint sorrow of the printing and dyeing place; the old window of the carving is still the gentle look. It describes the changes and vicissitudes of the old city. The ancient city in the night, but it is a wonderful dream, or contemptuous or thin, or a peace of mind. Through the shadow crowd, you can find a tea house set up by the water or a restaurant that is famous for authenticity in the ancient city. One person can drink alone or have fun with friends and relatives. Guzi City can make you a heart and a rare place in the world. The dream is wonderful. Walk to gossip park, walk on the Rainbow Bridge, I am in the night city, standing on the other side of the bustle. The neon lights bloom and weave the beauty of the night. Here you can see the music fountain, or take a boat ride at the pier to enjoy the scenery on both sides. Small suggestion: It is recommended to stay in the characteristic B&B in the ancient city. The surrounding attractions (Guzicheng, Bagua House, Shiwangfu, Bagua Park, etc.) can all be reached on foot, which is especially convenient. There are also local specialties in the homestay, and lunch dinners can be booked. Gossip Park has a musical fountain every night, and you can see the park bulletin board.
Climbing down in a circle is not all the attractions have been tired of punching cards, walking inside the Ssangyong Cave to see a variety of stairs climbing is really very tired, plus a section of the road down the mountain, just walk away a lot Khan, but also lacks exercise. Ssangyong Scenic Area is actually quite big, there are Ssangyong Cave, Wong Tai Sin, Jianfeng Mountain, Chisong Mountain, Dapan Mountain and homeland. This time, only Shuanglong Cave was played with the small partners, and the others were skipped. The curling session was particularly difficult, the steps were still a bit high, and the surroundings were dark, so pay attention to the steps. When entering Ssangyong Cave, it was very interesting. They all needed to lie flat, but a boat platform with 6 adults and 3+3 at both ends felt particularly crowded, but it was not long. From the inner hole to the outer hole 5 meters away, one of the huge stone screens is separated. The river below is 10 meters long and 3 meters wide. The water surface is only about 0.3 meters away from the underground river limestone. The gap space can only be flat. Into it, there is a strong sense of oppression. After that, it suddenly became clear. The color is still a bit dark on time. There are various kinds of lights to create, which will eliminate the more dazzling signs. The height of the cave is more than 66 meters. The length and depth are more than 33 meters. The area inside the cave is 1.2k square meters. It is a small world. The stone is natural, but each one has an explanation. It looks a bit like It is really the magic of nature's nature. Therefore, it is also the first batch of 4A-level tourist areas in the country. The ticket price is 70.4 yuan, or the average price of the double ticket after the price has been cut. The bus is required to go back and forth. The fare is 50 yuan and there is a ticket. Take a taxi back to the city, about 10 yuan per capita.
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