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I feel that this winter, Jinan has opened several Chongqing hot pot restaurants. Recommend a good shop I have eaten. Because my university was read at Chongqing University, I have brushed a lot of Chongqing hot pot in four years. Therefore, the requirements for hot pot have always been high. I basically know that it is a typical Chongqing taste. Good friends also trust my taste, I think it is very authentic. Later, when I returned to my hometown of Jinan, I would miss the hot pot over there from time to time. Later, Jinan opened Xiaolongkan, I think this is the closest to the taste of Chongqing hot pot in memory. This winter, you should eat spicy hot pot! Recommended secret beef, enough spicy, delicious enough. There is also a duck intestine, which is delicious in 7 seconds! Address: Near Carrefour, Jiefang Road, Jinan Per capita: 60-120
작성일: 2018년 12월 11일
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