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추천 트립 모먼트
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The place for archery is so beautiful? I have to practice hundreds of steps to wear Yang talk about archery, what do you think of? Presumably, most people like me do not think that the place where the archery is flying does not say that the dust is flying, at least it is very rough. The Zen Hall in Jiashan Yueli has broken my inherent impression of the archery hall. "The theme of the archery experience, science, training, training, Chinese school salon, expansion activities, leisure teahouse in one of the National Academy of Art. The overall design is very national, with a lot of different levels of archery and even professional level practice sites. The price of archery is at least 20 yuan. The price is very close to the people. There are 12 arrows in total. Teaching, also specializes in traditional costumes worn by archery, which guests can wear for free. Great love Zen Buddhism environment, feeling better than a lot of homestays, although it is impossible to practice a hundred steps to wear Yang, but personally feel the charm of ancient law, because the environment is too good, in fact, it is very suitable for children to play and Experience, also suitable for gathering and leisure with friends, in addition to experiencing archery, you can also experience calligraphy and chess in the Zen Hall. The store provides free brush and white paper, even if you dont do anything, the whole family or sitting with friends. Drinking tea on a tatami chat is also excellent.
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