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There are many domestic temples, and the most famous one is the Confucius Temple. It is the largest Confucius Temple in the country. This time, we introduce the Confucian Temple in Jianshui, Yunnan. It is second only to the former and the second in the country. There are many students who come here before the exam and pray for it. was built in the Yuan Dynasty, has a history of more than 700 years, and the Yuan Dynasty is one of the dynasties that did not pay much attention to education in Chinese history. Say. The scale of the big is just the Dianchi in front of the main entrance of the Temple of Literature, it is enough to make people stunned! Everyone knows that there are 18 strange things in Yunnan. In fact, there are 18 strange waters in Jianshui. One of them is half acre square pond is also called sea, and here Yangtang refers to Dianchi Lake, more than 40 acres. The huge area ranks first in the country. Historical status Jianshui has won the reputation of literature name state and Minnan Zoulu. According to the figures of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jianshui jointly tested 110 Chinese Wujinshi, Wenwu 1273 people, Jianshui once became the political, economic and cultural center of Weinan. The existence of the Confucian Temple can be said to be indispensable. The fun inside the temple There is a pavilion called Xingtan in the temple. There is a carved stone in the middle which is carved by Confucius. The interesting thing is that the forehead of Confucius on the stone tablet is indented! It is understood that throughout the ages, there are many students who come to pray for blessings. When you touch the forehead of Confucius, you will be smart and academically advanced. Over time, the stone statues will be "concave".
작성일: 2019년 4월 8일
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