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The temple of the ancient city of Jianshui is awe-inspiring. The Zhujia Garden makes people feel impermanent. The test shed makes people lament that the imperial examinations are not easy. Unfortunately, many scenic spots have not been seen, and they once again sigh that God is not beautiful!
작성일: 2019년 3월 7일
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Zhujia Garden is located on Hanlin Street in Jianshui Old Town. I went to build water many times, and I repeatedly went through the door, because I saw the bustling tourists, too lazy to join in the fun. This time, seeing fewer tourists, I really bought a ticket and walked into the big house with the title of Southwest Side Grand View Garden. A ticket of 35 yuan is also good. Zhujia Garden was built in the early years of Qing Guangxu. The ancestors of the Zhu family moved to Jianshui, Yunnan, from Mayang in Hubei during the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty. They bought land and opened up mines. In the early years of Qing Guangxu, the construction of a home ancestral hall in Jianshui City, an area of more than 30 acres more than 20,000 square meters, in the construction of this southwestern small town, can be called a big hand. Into the Zhujia Garden, the large house sits south facing north, and the entrance is the main door of the hanging flower. As can be seen from the floor plan of the foyer, the main building of the garden-style large house is in the form of "vertical four horizontal and three" layout. It is a typical "three rooms with six ears and three halls, a large patio with four small patios". Combined construction. The layout of the building is well-ordered, such as "Mei Pavilion", "Lan Ting", "Bamboo Garden", "Chrysanthemum Garden" and other courtyards. The entire building is steeply ridged, carved and painted, beautiful and elegant. The 10 "staying feet" along the left side of the main entrance of the Zhujia Garden are connected to the "horse running corner" behind it, and the "Zhu Hengtai" total trade name. On the right side is the family ancestral hall, and then to the back is the inner court. In front of the temple, there is a water stage and a winding path in one of the pools. Traffic Tips
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Jianshui Swallow Cave is located in Jianshui County, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is famous for its unique landscapes such as Golden Cave Wonders, Chunyan Clouds, Rock Rock Carvings, Bell Milk Hanging, and Bird's Nest Stunts. The name of the swallow hole is also named after a million large white-waisted swallow nests in the cave and rich in nourishing bird's nest. When we walked to the entrance of the swallow, we looked down at the water in the hole and parked a few beautiful boats. There were many stalactites in the hole and we could see the shape of the swallow's nest. It looked very beautiful. The hole is more than 50 meters high and more than 30 meters wide. The special place of the swallow hole is divided into one up and one wet, which can be walked from the dry road or by boat. At the entrance of Jianshui Swallow Cave, in addition to seeing the stalactite drops above the hole, it is even more amazing that there is a stalactite cave with the characteristics of the Swallow Cave. The rock climbing master does not have any safety protection measures and climbing tools. In the case of the hand, climbing up to the top of the cave, there are a lot of good fortune. Every year on March 21 of the solar calendar, the Yanzi Cave will hold this event. The entire hanging event usually lasts an hour or two. Most visitors to the Swallow Cave will see the rock climbers free performances. There is no protective measure. It can be said that they are performing with life. These rock climbers who used to take birds nests have now become stunts for tourists, but still More amazing. We walked along the dry road beside the river in the cave, the temperature became cool, and we heard the sound of water and water droplets in the cave. It is praised by the Chinese and foreign lava experts as the largest and most spectacular cave in Asia. The swallow hole is also spectacular. The total area is more than 50,000 square meters, the length of the cave is more than 4,000 meters, and the Lancang River passes through the hole. The Yanzi Cave is roughly divided into three major scenic spots, namely, Longquan Exploration, Tianjie Beauty and Dream World. Like many scenic spots, there will be such a scene as the treasure of the town shop. Double elephant sipping should be one of them. It is in the first scenic spot Longquan, and there is also Dragon Girls first marriage and More than ten landscapes such as the Golden Retriever Lion, the Yaotai Site, and the Taoyuan Shengjing.
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Jianshui Temple: A place where Chinese traditional culture is located Jianshui Temple is located in Jianshui County, northwest of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. It is one of the largest large-scale Confucian temples in the country. It was built in the year of 22 (AD). 1285), the third temple first established in Yunnan Province after Zhongqing (Kunming) and Dali. After the Ming and Qing dynasties expansion, the area covers 114 acres, the overall layout adopts the central axis symmetrical palace style, which is modeled after the pattern of Qufu Confucius Temple. There are 1 hall, 2 , 2 halls, 2 pavilions, 5 , 8 squares. It is a group of large-scale buildings. Stepping into the gate is the solemn "Taihe Yuanqi" workshop, facing the "Xuehai" (Dianchi) of more than 20 acres, the blue waters in the pond, the Liusi squatting around, the Sile Pavilion built in the pool, left and right" "Liemon" and "Yi Road". Step by step, the star door. There are Dachengmen, Dongxiu, Dacheng Hall, Qi Sheng Ci, Ming Lun Tang, Zunjing Pavilion and other buildings. Dacheng Hall was built during the Ming Dynasty, and 28 columns support the entire hall. The first 12 trees are stone scorpions, each 5 meters high and weighs 5,000 kilograms. They are carved from a single piece of large bluestone. Around the gate, two dragons carved around the pillars are called "Shilong Baozhu". The front 22 lattice doors are carved by birds and beasts in different shapes. The roof of the glass tile is dazzling. The ancient cypresses around the temple are solemn and majestic. They are known as the Golden and Magnificent, which is second only to Shandong and Qufu Confucius Temple. It is a key cultural relics protection unit in Yunnan Province. The "Organization of the Annals of Yunnan Province" edited during the Republic of China recorded: Jianshui Temple of Literature is the largest in the art of the Qufu Temple in Shandong.
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