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트립 모먼트

전주,추천 트립 모먼트
Jeonju Southern Market address
전주,추천 트립 모먼트
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전주,추천 트립 모먼트
For the most characteristic bibimbap in the state, how can you miss the food? Putting things back to the home, the landlord recommended three of the most famous bibimbap in Jeonju. Looking for the nearest one, just opposite the Temple of the Temple, next to the Qingji Temple, you can see the big signboard, next to the coffee shop mango six that was ignited in the successor. ordered a statewide bibimbap, the owner is not English, when ordering is still a little difficult, had to do the stirring action silently. Another stone pot that ordered the side table was originally thought to be bibimbap. It was discovered that it was a barbecue soup. It should be the first to grill the meat and then add it to the soup. Of course, it is only the guess of LZ. The meat is not the taste of traditional stew, but it has a barbecue flavor. In the winter, you can enjoy the barbecue and hot soup. Of course, from the taste, it is better to have a traditional barbecue. Just being surprised by this match. The bibimbap here is not bibimbap, so the temperature itself will be cooler, not too suitable for eating in winter. Jeonju bibimbap is 10,000 won, and barbecue soup is 12,000 won, which is slightly more expensive than restaurants on Hanok Street. This restaurant is also very large, and there should be a lot of people waiting in line. After dinner, I am ready to walk to the southern market next to the turn, not too far, 15 minutes walk. The night market here also has a lot of its own original snacks. Here, the strategy of looking for food in the queue is not likely to be invalid, because every night stand is crowded with people. I personally feel that the ice cream at the entrance is very distinctive. There are strawberry, banana and Oreo flavors to choose from. Use milk as the base material, cut the fruit on top, and cool the bottom with dry ice. The taste is really no added. The fruit milk ice cream, very novel way, is worth a try. The southern market is connected to Jeonju Hanok Village, and the Youth Mall on the second floor of the market brings together various creative shops. There will be a night market here at night, and it will open after 6pm. Because it is a weekend, many of the surrounding shops are no longer open, and the street is a bit lonely. The night market is unusually lively, and there is also the atmosphere of the night market. A city-like building outside the night market. Coming back from the night market, I just met the lighting show of the Temple of the Temple, and made a fun. At this time, Hanok Village had no shackles in the afternoon, and it added a bit of calmness and comfort under the light. Hanok Village in the evening is another beauty.
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