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The cruise on the tip of the tongue, the unparalleled Hawaiian west of the East China Sea, east of the Pacific Ocean, is the third largest island in Okinawa after Okinawa and Iriomote. It is said that in order to avoid the typhoon attack, the houses on the island are surrounded by stone walls, and the name "Shijie" is named. This island is not a popular island in Japan. The day and night are very quiet. There are fewer people and fewer cars. There will be an illusion of being in Kamakura. In the summer of nearly nine months, time seems to be pulled. Its very long. If you can stay here for a day and rent a motorbike, you can take a look around the island. The southernmost part of the island can also see the lighthouse. The consumption on the island is not too high. Car rental The international driver's license is the most convenient, rent a car directly, around the island for about an hour and a half, except for the city center, there is basically no car, no one... Of course, at night There is no light. It takes about 8 hours for the round-the-island bicycle. Please be cautious... necessary TIPS sunglasses, hats, light-colored jackets, these basic measures are of course necessary, physical sunscreen is always effective and essential . Don't forget to wash your face with hot water after sun exposure, which will cause the capillaries to dilate, inflamed and swollen. These cheap things in the Japanese drug store, the most exciting, the other time the plan is to rush into the drug store, crazy sweeping, Japan The drug store is like a magical hypermarket, where you can always find something very stunned. I have never been alone with the sea for a long time. I have been too eager to go too far. Maybe we owe ourselves a slow boat ride to see how blue it is. How wide the sea is, how small the so-called troubles are, how lucky it was once. There are too many unexpected encounters on the road. You can never see tomorrow that the evening is dull or splendid. People always put too many happy bets on the final result, so it is important. It is not where I am going, but how happy I am willing to enjoy every process of progress.
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