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인터라켄 날씨

2020년 8월 12일
15 °
점차 갬
2020년 8월 13일
곳에 따라 맑고 때때로 뇌우
2020년 8월 14일
곳에 따라 맑고 때때로 뇌우
2020년 8월 15일
곳에 따라 맑고 때때로 뇌우

트립 모먼트

Sarah Shan   
There are many places where Switzerland can play paragliding. I chose Interlaken, the town at the foot of the Jungfrau. The main reason is that there are more companies that experience paragliding here, and the time is relatively free. There is also Interlaken really beautiful. Booked on the website in advance, the price will be around 1,000 yuan (RMB) and will receive a confirmation email and print it out. When you book, you will be confirmed with the time of the collection. There is a car to pick up at the hotel. I was scheduled to pick up at the train station. The car was very recognizable. The body was the advertisement of the paraglider company. After receiving the person, send it to the reception center in the town center and sign a security agreement. There is no requirement for clothes, girls dont wear skirts. The shoes are best sneakers or hiking shoes. When I was unqualified, they gave me a pair of hiking shoes. Then a group of three or four people, a car pulled us and the coach went up the mountain. There will be some precautions on the road, and then ask if you need video and photo taking, this is an extra charge (40 Euro). Achieve a position on the mountainside, put everyone down, there is a short way to go by yourself. Then I saw a slightly flat place on the mountainside, that is where we took off! The process of taking off seems to be a bit of a thrill, because there is no way to go about a dozen steps ahead. We just want to run over the cliff! But in fact, after watching the first two takeoffs, they are no longer afraid. Because in fact, as long as you run four or five steps, the umbrella will be supported, and people will be taken to the sky!
작성일: 2018년 12월 23일
Interlaken in Switzerland is a well-known tourist destination, and many tourists come to the Queen of the Alps Jungfrau. In fact, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun on both sides of Interlaken are also picturesque places. These two lakes are also known as "God's left and right eyes." Thun Lake is on the west side of Interlaken, with a long and narrow crescent shape, named after the city of Thun on the lake. Lake Thun's lake comes from Lake Brienz, where the water level is higher than it is, and it is said that the original and east neighbor of Lake Brienz is a lake that was later separated. The colors of the two lakes are also different. Lake Thun is blue and Brienz Lake is green. It is very convenient to visit Lake Thun. You can buy a ticket to Thun at the pier on the west side of Interlaken. There are regular shifts every day. The Thun Lake cruise is not only for sightseeing, it is also one of the means of transportation for nearby residents. During the journey to Thun, the cruise will stop in several towns on both sides of the North and South. Swiss town on the shore of Lake Thun, the hillside behind the green grass, a lake and mountains, the scenery is pleasant. This lush green hillside, red roof, quiet waterfront is a typical Swiss scenery. I want to come to enjoy life in such a beautiful environment. Many local people have boats in their homes, and they often go boating on the lake from time to time. Around Lake Thun, there are many historical sites. One of the Oberhofen Castles, the medieval castle in the town of Hofen, was built in the 13th century and has been a major cultural property of Switzerland for centuries. It is now a museum.
작성일: 2019년 3월 21일
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