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Like Dahab, Hurghada is a diving spot on the Red Sea. The only difference is that there are more Europeans here. Five-star hotels and expensive seafood restaurants abound, despite the fact that in this consuming environment, we have found a delicious and cheap seafood restaurant. On the street in the city center, you can recognize this restaurant at a glance. Its appearance is dressed as an underwater world, with several fish statues, and the thick stone door is pushed in. The design of the aquarium style was shocked and I thought I ran to the underwater world to eat. We have a special flavor in this ocean-style restaurant. We ordered the fish soup recommended by the store to be rich and mellow, and the fish meat was imported. It also added seafood platter rice, a price less than twenty. Give a perfect score. Compared to expensive European restaurants, the Aquarium is more local and more popular with locals. If you don't mind the atmosphere of the restaurant, it is right to eat here in Hurghada.
작성일: 2018년 12월 18일
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Go to the resort of the Hurghada in the Red Sea. The gulf in the desert ~ Hurghada has a breathtaking coral reef and crystal clear blue water, which has been developed over the past decade. It has become a famous holiday resort in Egypt and one of the most suitable diving areas in the world. It is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Basically every island has some sea-and-water play projects, so the Red Sea certainly has it. If you are a thriller, then you will love the sea project in the Red Sea. A Clipper pulled the banana boat in front, pulled out a variety of drifting tails, and starred in a water headline D, and instantly felt that he was really hot. If you are not so adventurous, you can take pictures at the beach, take a bikini photo on the boat, enjoy the comfort of the sea breeze, and temporarily leave the troubles of life behind, quietly Feel the poetry and the distance at this moment. Recommend to you a hotel with a more cost-effective rating - Desert Rose Resort. It is located on the Red Sea, you can see the Red Sea in the room, the environment is beautiful, just like living in a large garden with sea view, and the staff is more enthusiastic, there is no asking for tips. The hotel has many facilities, including a water park, 3 swimming pools, and a beach. The area is large and the holiday is very comfortable. The three meals plus the restaurant and all the bars in the hotel have all the drinks and drinks, and the rooms are very clean. I don't want to go when I live. Its time to take a crazy photo in the pool!
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