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From Hailar to the direction of the Root River, you need to cross the 65-kilometer grassland, which is a famous natural pasture in China and abroad. Many northern nomads in Chinese history have been nomadic here and thrive. From the end of the twelfth century to the beginning of the thirteenth century, Genghis Khan, a generation of Tianjiao, once fought here and competed with the tribes, eventually occupying the Hulun Buir grassland. For the first time I came to Inner Mongolia grassland, the scenery along the way has deeply attracted me. The long green and yellow grass, such as the brocade, is woven on the hillock, soft blue waves. As the mountain continues to undulate, a wave of waves is connected, as if it has been connected to the distant horizon, the beautiful waveforms set off the majestic momentum of the rolling hills. The car is surrounded by such a beautiful scenery, and there is a verbena flower sea on the road. Each verbena is shaped like a small flower, clustered together like a lavender-like flower sea. Strolling through the path in the sea of flowers, surrounded by large purple. "The world's first song water" Morgrag River is famous for its "qu" in the world. From the sky, the river is like a blue ribbon. It will go east for a while, then go west for a while, and then run south. After a while, the degree of bending can be described by the nine curved eighteen bends. The Mozhgrad River is a winding river in the Chenbaerhu Banner. She seems to be a hovering jade dragon on the grassland, and she shows her charming figure on the grassland every day. The waters of the Mozhgrad River are not wide, not the flood season, and the width is only five meters.
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