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비구이위안(벽계원) 룬양(윤양) 계곡 온천
The villa area is located on the right side of the lobby bar and is 2 minutes by car! If it is not the weather that day, I feel that walking is also very comfortable. Huizhou Country Garden Run Yangxigu Hot Spring Hotel has 25 low-end luxury villas, Yunyan Meishu and Yunchuan Huashu two different Meishu Suites, whether it is a villa or a common room, each room is equipped with hot springs. No longer need to get together to share a hot spring pool, even if you stay in the room without going out, you can enjoy the pleasure of the hot spring bath! Exclusively enjoy your own secret garden, private homes, invite friends and family or business partners on weekends, whether it is a family trip or a business meeting, I believe that the suites in the low-luxury villa area can meet your high-end customization needs! The villas of Yunyan Meishu have a total area of 620 square meters. One house can accommodate 4 families and independent houses. The four households can not interfere with each other and enjoy their own private space. The living room is spacious and comfortable, and the decoration style is simple and fashionable. I came to the hotel for a holiday, I personally feel more like living in another home. I have been imagining in my mind, the style of the next home must be a large floor-to-ceiling window design, white and transparent floor-to-ceiling curtains Keeping the glare of the sun out of the window, only slightly revealing the light coming in, the female man who loves to take pictures of the art sits on the window, the sun is just right, not too late, a wave of fresh Japanese style is released!
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