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추천 트립 모먼트
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Transformed into a Starbucks with a container? Hualien Xinjin net red punch card! () China's first container, or the first container in Asia, Starbucks, officially opened in Liwan, Ji'an Township, Hualien City, Taiwan Province at the end of September 2018. The heat continues unabated, and it has almost become Its a must-see for young tourists who come to Hualien. The store is well integrated with the surrounding landscape. The concept of trees and branches and leaves is used to suspend multiple containers from the major ports like wooden blocks and stack them out of pure white space. They are stacked and stacked, which is very design and far. Looks like a giant building block, the container facing the outside is a floor-to-ceiling glass window or a skylight. The lighting is super good, whether it is sitting inside or taking pictures outside. The entrance to the entrance is staggered with plant potted plants, the flower pots of the logs, the white stairs, the green plants are all small and fresh. The container has a large space that can be overhanged layer by layer. The skylights and glass windows are staggered and stacked, which makes the interior of the cafe full of interesting interest. The store retains the appearance of the container itself in the interior decoration. It only decorates the wall with coffee elements on some walls, and blends with the lively colors, totems and rubbings of the original people of Hualien, with a lot of green plants. Naturally comfortable. The design of the panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass at both ends of the container. Compared with the price of various beverages in the store, it is also consistent with the average Starbucks price, but there will be some limited edition gift cards and cups.
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