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Unlock the mysterious and original "Shantou", and see this is enough! In the southernmost mountainous area of Hunan, I am fortunate to have this Yi ancient village called "Shantou". It is a joy to heart, it makes people feel that this trip is worthwhile. Shantou Ancient Qianzhai is built on the mountain, cascaded and integrated, and is a very well-protected Yi village. In 2001, the entire village was rated as a national key cultural relics protection unit. The Zhaizi still retains the traditional Yi customs. The old people are dressed in traditional Yi costumes, sitting around the drum tower, the square, or the door of the house, next to the small river. Because there are very few tourists, you can feel the simple and friendly folk customs and feel the slight emotions of mutual respect and gentleness. compulsory course 1. Appreciate a Dai performance: There are two song and dance performances in Shantou Village every morning and evening. The "actors" are all villagers, the performances are original, the content comes from life, easy to understand. The key is to appreciate everyone's joy and participate in it. The performance when I went was in the afternoon. 2, Ascend overlooking the whole picture of Shantou Ancient Village: There are three places to overlook the ancient village. The morning, the evening, or the scenery after the rain is the best, you can photograph the ancient village in the golden or cloud. Need to pay attention to anti-mosquito! 3, eat a banquet, drink glutinous rice wine, taste the farmer's dish: the banquet is a feast of the Dai people's characteristics, have a chance to try it; the glutinous rice wine on the banquet should also taste, locals Also drink this. In addition to these two things, there are many strange foods in the village, such as sweet potato, alfalfa, and wild kiwi, which can be tried boldly. Do not eat the wedding banquet, eating Guzhai Tujia dishes is also very good to enjoy, there are farmhouse dishes in the ancient village, the ingredients are taken from the local, there are chicken, organic vegetables and so on. 4, and the relationship with the brocade and the reeds: is the most outstanding handicrafts of the Yi people. In the ancient village of Shantou, many old people still have the tradition of hand-woven brocade, they can walk into the locals to see them weaving, you can also buy a piece to take home to commemorate; Reed is the most popular ancient musical instrument of the Yi people. Many old people in Shantou Village will play the reeds, and the melodious music will be fascinating and can be seen during the singing and dancing performances. Location Traffic: Shantou Village is located in the southwest of Hunan Province, Tongdao Autonomous County, 9km away from the county. Because public transportation is inconvenient, it is recommended that the small partner travel by car to the best.
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