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Turtle bay. 사람들이 모여있길래 가까이 가봤더니 정말 물속에서 헤엄치는 거북이를 봤어요...해질녘 바닷가에서 한가로이 데이트
작성일: 2019년 10월 19일
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Go to Hawaii for a honeymoon and stay at the Prince Waikiki Hotel in Hawaii. The hotels location is right by the sea and you can stroll along the nearby beach. There are shopping streets and restaurants in the surrounding area, and life is more convenient. PRICE WAIKIKI. The interior of the room is decorated with natural materials, including marble, high-grade wood and high-quality fabrics. The rooms are designed with Hawaiian elements such as beach, ocean and sunset, and the overall feel is elegant and comfortable. The paintings on the wall are custom-made and the decor of each room is consistent. The rooms are large in size, with large double beds, sofas, TV cabinets, desks, wardrobes, etc. Even small tables combine floral design with simplicity and sophistication. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the room overlook the Ala Wai Yacht Harbour with unobstructed views of the sea. Not all Hawaiian hotel rooms have sea views, but the Prince Hotel has achieved azure blue sea views in every room, which is among the industry's leading. Looking out from the window of the room, the sun, the beach, the yacht, the water activities, and the blue color are very refreshing. Looking down from our room, you can see the center pool like a key, and the curved swimming pool above is the hotel's infinity pool. Relax in the pool surrounded by the city and admire the beautiful marina. The most beautiful sunset can also be seen here. Looking at other people taking wedding photos in the pool, we also took a few photos here in the pool, which is really great.
호놀룰루,추천 트립 모먼트
Bills Waikiki Australian Restaurant. This restaurant chain was founded by Australian chef and food editor Bill Granger. He is passionate about using local ingredients to create a home-cooked food. All dishes are fresh and delicious, and the style is relaxed and the style is sunny. He opened his first restaurant in Sydney at the age of 24 and subsequently opened chains in Tokyo, London, Hawaii, Waikiki and Seoul. Bills Waikiki's Australian restaurant has a lot of dinner options, we have a pasta and shrimp burger set, banana dessert and juice. The restaurant is decorated with lots of wood and the roof has a full glass window that feels fresh and sunny. The ingredients are fresh and the dishes taste good. The main thing is that the service is very good and people feel very kind. Because it was a little hard to read the English menu, we spent a lot of time when ordering, and finally ordered shrimp burgers and pasta, banana desserts and juice. Shrimp burger Some Thai food feels, the shrimp in the middle of the burger is slightly spicy, the spicy sauce is very delicious, and it is accompanied by refreshing radish slices and crispy crispy potato chips. The pasta is not the Italian cheese flavor, but a very refreshing taste. The vegetables inside are very fresh, but they are slightly crying, while the shrimps are firm and have a good taste. Dessert is a fried banana, I like it very much, sweet but not greasy, very happy after eating.
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