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I’ve been to Hong Kong 5 times already. Here I’ve compiled a list of instagrammable hotspots in Hong Kong, which have been widely circulated among friends:
Sai Wan Swimming Shed
Apparently superstar Leslie Cheng used to swim around here as a kid, but nowadays few people would go for a swim. Rather, it’s become an instagrammable hotspot in Hong Kong. There is a wooden bridge at this Swim Shed. If you manage to find the right angle, your photos will come out looking like you’re in the middle of the ocean.
Choi Hung Estate
Located in Ngau Chi Wan, Wong Tai Sin Temple in Kowloon, Choi Hung Estate is one of Hong Kong’s earliest public housing estates and is known for its rainbow-colored buildings. Its walls have been painted in red, orange, yellow, green, lime, blue and purple, with each building being unique in appearance. The best photo-taking spot is the top level of the parking lot, which is actually a basketball court.
Graham Street, Central
On the walls of Graham Street you’ll see graffiti and visuals depicting scenes of old Hong Kong. Unfortunately the wall is right next to the road and if you want to take a photo, you will need to set up your camera on the other side of the road and wait for a gap between the cars zooming by.
Oil Street
Oil Street is located in North Point on the Hong Kong Island. There is a sizable courtyard here with a few old houses inside. This used to be Hong Kong’s Royal Yacht Club.
MTR station signs
The unique and colorful MTR station signs are all highly popular with visitors and their cameras. A few friends of mine went to take the subway in Hong Kong and one can constantly see these stop signs in WeChat groups and updates.
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Pavilion of Harmony near New Asia College This is just a large lake built on the slopes. Because of all the greenery nearby, it offers a naturally artistic landscape setting. It’s perfect for taking photos.
“Lee Tung Street”
Lee Tung Street was once called “Wedding Invitation Street.” After renovations, this 200 m long walkway offers a lot of restaurants, bars and shops. Unique gardening and greenery line this European-style street. It is a great place for photo-taking and going for a stroll.
“Night view on Victoria Peak”
As the highest vantage point on Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak is the best spot to visit at night. Head up to the top with a trip on the old tramway while looking over the city’s breathtaking nocturnal landscape.
Star Ferry
Star Ferry is the most common form of sea transport on the Victoria Harbor. There is one available every few minutes, ferrying passengers between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Take a ride on the historic Star Ferry and cruise in the Victoria Harbor. The night view along Victoria Harbor is breathtakingly beautiful.
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