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트립 모먼트

홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
섹오 비치
Shi O is very small, probably because many stores have not been opened since the beginning of the year. It is a family and a family that has gone through the house. It seems that the town is quieter and smaller.

I am walking down the line, because they are all tourists who get off the bus. The girls preferences are similar. They will take pictures in the same beautiful places. This is very good for a beautiful dog. It took time, so I went from the tail.

First is a small viewing point, from which you can see the reef and the sea. Perhaps because I have seen a lot of sea relations, I feel that it is normal, it does not care about my preferences, or the tides of over and over again. Like this town, it is lost and independent in the bustling city of Hong Kong.

I like the people and alleys here. After finishing a circle of the town's main road, I began to walk into the small courtyard of the people. At first, I was trying to avoid the crowd. Later, I found many better houses and decorations that were not mentioned in the Raiders.

Every household here has a mailbox, which I know is not surprising, but it is interesting to create graffiti in each mailbox to match the color of the building.

When taking a household pipe, the old grandmother just came out and dumped the garbage. She saw me and asked me to play alone. I nodded. She glanced at my camera and smiled and said to me that you have fun.

It feels like in the small village of grandparents, the grandma next door greets you and asks you to eat the feeling of not eating.

Travel personal feelings are very heavy, but I like Shiao very much, and there are always people who live the quiet life you have thought of.
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