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홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
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Hong Kong Disneyland | The world's first Marvel theme facility featuring female superheroes! Must punch!
Last week, my good friend ran to Hong Kong Disneyland. This time I really chose the right time! I didn't expect to have super invincible stars on the scene that day, the ant's starring Paul Ruud and the Marvel and the park's big brothers were on the scene, and the goddess announced it! OMG can't be too surprised~
This new ride is the world's first facility featuring ant and wasp females. After the opening ceremony, I went to experience it, and I was a little spoiled with everyone/hh. / The story takes place in the world of "Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum" in tomorrow's world. Hydra sent a mechanical insect army to attempt to steal data cores that store secrets.
plays Lin Leshi, chief engineer of the Science and Technology Museum of SHIELD, providing guidance on repelling mechanical insects in the amusement facilities.
The key point is: From the door, you will go through the "Security Equipment Library" and collect the items that have only appeared in the Marvel drama series! I feel the same as the movie! ! Go inside and go to the loading area, take the latest equipment "Assault" chariot in the Science and Technology Museum, pick up the pulse gun that represents the most advanced technology, and start fighting! Together with the ant bee female, "shrink" to the size of the ant, fight the mechanical insect! The most important thing is that everyone can brush unlimited points! Experience super
홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
[Mong Kok's busy water and ice hall delicious]

Many people know Mong Kok, which is the movie "Mong Kok Karen", which is easier to understand during the Wang Jiawei period. Many scenes in the film have already changed their looks. What remains unchanged is that Mong Kok continues to be like a bustling crowd of people!

is the shopping center with the highest flow of people in Mong Kok. Because of the rich life and the taste of the market, many Hong Kong movies like to be photographed here
old-fashioned residential buildings. The color of the new era, but the old-fashioned grinding

ice hall, is the predecessor of Hong Kong tea restaurant in the last century, the first only to sell cold drinks, the ice at that time is from Europe and America to Hong Kong, The ice room was originally enjoyed by the rich! Later, there was a self-made ice cube, and the general public could consume it. Slowly, the ice hall began to run small snacks and light meals such as pineapple oil, Zhiduo, sandwiches, etc., to satisfy the fast-paced life and Changes in society...
Today, there are only less than 20 authentic ice rooms in Hong Kong!

specially selected the "Jinhua Ice Hall" in Mong Kok because they have "Hong Kong No. 1" pineapple oil!
Address: G/F, 47 Prince Edward Street, Kowloon

The left hand street of Jinhua Ice Hall is the most famous Goldfish Street in Mong Kok!
Because the goldfish looks rich and colorful, Hong Kong people like to put a goldfish in their home or office, which is said to take a good sign.

Traffic: MTR Mong Kok Station
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