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홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
홍콩 디즈니랜드
Hong Kong Disneyland | The world's first Marvel theme facility featuring female superheroes! Must punch!
Last week, my good friend ran to Hong Kong Disneyland. This time I really chose the right time! I didn't expect to have super invincible stars on the scene that day, the ant's starring Paul Ruud and the Marvel and the park's big brothers were on the scene, and the goddess announced it! OMG can't be too surprised~
This new ride is the world's first facility featuring ant and wasp females. After the opening ceremony, I went to experience it, and I was a little spoiled with everyone/hh. / The story takes place in the world of "Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum" in tomorrow's world. Hydra sent a mechanical insect army to attempt to steal data cores that store secrets.
plays Lin Leshi, chief engineer of the Science and Technology Museum of SHIELD, providing guidance on repelling mechanical insects in the amusement facilities.
The key point is: From the door, you will go through the "Security Equipment Library" and collect the items that have only appeared in the Marvel drama series! I feel the same as the movie! ! Go inside and go to the loading area, take the latest equipment "Assault" chariot in the Science and Technology Museum, pick up the pulse gun that represents the most advanced technology, and start fighting! Together with the ant bee female, "shrink" to the size of the ant, fight the mechanical insect! The most important thing is that everyone can brush unlimited points! Experience super
홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
The Forbidden City shoots a large film Avoid the crowd to shoot the most beautiful Forbidden City + color filter get

do not know who gave me the courage, the New Year's most people come to Beijing, the Forbidden City is even more crowded, but my Forbidden City photo Sending to a circle of friends, everyone was shocked. "Why are you visiting the Forbidden City?"

/ Hh/[How to take a picture]
After entering the palace, the middle of the road is full of people, but the surroundings are particularly empty. I started shooting many photos on both sides.
You can use the red wall red window as the background, or you can shoot on the red column. You can shoot in a large area of red. How to shoot is beautiful!
If the weather is the best, the red wall is the most beautiful with the blue sky, but unfortunately when I go, it is white. The
is the most extensive place, as well as the Ci Ning Palace, the Treasure Officer, and the red wall near the Treasure Hall. It is very easy to take pictures.
, you can wear a red system, I also paired with a red bag, but unfortunately the day is too cold, there is no off jacket, but as long as you can see some red parts, the film effect is still good.

[+filter toning]
The red color of the Forbidden City is not recommended to be too bright, and the brick red with lower saturation looks more advanced and has a feeling of palace.
So I used the VSCO filter C8 and lowered some saturation appropriately.
If the background accidentally photographs passers-by, you can smear it with the mosaic pen or eliminating pen in Mito Xiuxiu!
홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
The Potala Palace Super Raiders, this is the best way to pilgrimage ~

go to the Potala Palace must choose a tour guide
book a tour of the Potala Palace in advance , independent small group, the basic about 14 people, each with a Bluetooth headset, a tour guide, one night before departure, the tour guide will send a short message to inform the meeting place and precautions. The tour guide will give you an explanation when you visit the Potala Palace. It will show you the history of the Potala Palace, which is much better than your own visit.

The composition of the Potala Palace
The Potala Palace is basically divided into three parts, Syracuse, White House and Red Palace. The highest architectural complex is the Red Palace, which represents religion and is the highest spiritual symbol. Milk wall, aunty soil, white horse grass, and the three essences of Tibetan architecture can be seen everywhere in Tibetan areas, especially the Potala Palace, which represents the traditional classics and splendor of Tibetan architecture.

The Potala Palace photography angle
location is also in the Potala Palace Square, but the viewing angle is indeed a small pool of water artificially manufactured.
In front of the square, you can see the photographer with a long gun and a short gun on the ground, in front of a pool of water, when I first looked at it with curiosity, I couldn't see it, and found a different perspective. It is observed that the two places with the most view are the right side of the square music fountain and the left side of the flag-raising booth.

The Potala Palace is the highest and most majestic palace in the world. It is the most splendid symbol of Tibetan culture. Its majestic architecture and mysterious and holy religious background are the temptations that photography enthusiasts cannot resist.
홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
The Potala Palace is the highest level of ancient buildings in the world, built on the Mabulje Mountains. This is one of the classic attractions that tourists will not miss when they come to Lhasa. How does photography white shoot different Potala Palaces?
[1] If there is exactly one pool of water on the square, be sure to make full use of the water and make a reflection of the reflection or the mirror of the sky. If there is no water, take a bottle of mineral water and look for the most neutral position. The effect is the same.
[2] Use the foreground. The Potala Palace Square is very beautiful every summer. At this time, use flowers to make a foreground and shoot a different Potala Palace.
[3] From the side of the White Tower to shoot the Potala Palace, which is known as the best photography point for the Potala Palace, is a classic angle of RMB 50. But I still recommend that you just drop the night and come to film the night of the Potala Palace.
[4] Going to the roof of the inn, the location of the inn is different, and the Potala Palace may be unique.
[5] is also on the roof of the inn, so sometimes you have to look at the design layout of the roof of the inn. At dusk, just use the reflection of the glass to capture the feeling of the mirror of the sky.
[6] Everyone encountered such a scene, remembering that the phone or camera is lowered, and it is best for people to kneel down.
[7] It is far away from the Potala Palace seen from the roof of the inn in the downtown area, but it has a sense of mystery. For example, in the world, there is only one castle above the hill.
[8] Sometimes you can change the angle and shoot from the side.
[9] Take pictures by using the elements that can be blended around
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