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홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
홍콩 디즈니랜드
At the end of the year, in addition to "A Disney Christmas" and "Mickey 90 party event" . Can't wait to give you a super easy to use tips:
Paradise has just launched 2 game cards - "Priority Pass" and "Priority Pass +" Amusement Facilities Pass! You can buy it at the main ticket office of the park, Winnie the Pooh boutique and the flagship store of Shida Technology. The designated amusement facilities in Fun Park are more efficient~
There was an article to recommend the new highlights and gameplay of Hong Kong Disney Christmas season. In fact, now, I can participate in the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Mickey! Come to keep up with the pace of cookies!
1. Just enter the venue to get the limited edition of Mickey's 90th anniversary of the commemorative edition of the park tickets and exclusive special edition birthday stickers ~
2. November 18 is Mickey's birthday, from that day on On February 24th, the park launched the special edition "We Love Mickey!" on the street. It is not available at all times! Put on the newly-installed Mickey and Minnie in the new lively atmosphere of the birthday celebration songs and dances ~ Be sure to choose a good location according to the schedule of the day! Super joyful!
3. 50+ models to celebrate Mickey's birthday are also not available for purchase. It is very suitable for collection~
4. There are also 40+ new dishes celebrating Mickey's birthday, super exquisite! Although I can't eat as much, but it's too beautiful. It's just a photo to satisfy!
5. If you are staying, you can purchase the Disney Hotel Mickey theme room for an additional HK1099. Sleeping with Mickey is with you~ (4 people can live in one room!)
3 Disney theme hotels in the resort
홍콩,추천 트립 모먼트
상하이 야생 동물원
Spring Festival Garden Party, a local animal carnival
Shanghai safari park, has always been a spring resort in Shanghai Xiaoyan heart. There are two types of vehicles that can enter the sightseeing area. One is the ordinary bus shown above; the other is a sightseeing car like an iron cage. The "iron cage" has a small window to open, and some feeding during the tour. Interactive, the bus is free, the latter is 40 yuan / person. I have sat both, I feel that I am still sitting in the bus to see the animals more clearly, and the photo is more convenient and unobstructed. The sightseeing car has an established route, first entering the herbivore area. Unlike the general zoo, the carnivorous area here separates the animals according to the type. Cheetahs, lions, tigers, wolves, and bears all have their own exclusive areas, and they do not "separate" each other.
There are many areas that interact with animals, especially for small children, such as alpacas, pigeons, bunny, goats, kangaroos, etc., all of which are gentle and easy to get close to. We are particularly interested in alpaca and choose to go in and feed without hesitation! There are also net red animal flamingos, and fairies who like to take pictures should not be rough. In addition to watching animals in the zoo, the bridge is rich in water and green. It is really suitable for bringing fresh air from the baby to the countryside. The
wild zoo is not the country park we visited in the spring. Many of its current business concepts draw on advanced management models at home and abroad, giving people a refreshing feeling, and it is worth spending a whole day slowly. Then you can go to the nearby Disney town for a meal at night and see what the night scene is.
Shirley Zhu
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