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Hulunbeier travels the most comprehensive Raiders, pick you up to explore the niche attractions accommodation: basic is 200-300 / night, and live very well! (It is nearly half cheaper to find the driver to help than online!) About chartered car: Due to the terrain of Hulunbeier, chartered out is the best choice, the price is according to different models by day toll. TIPS Knock on the blackboard! ! ! Don't be greedy and cheap, choose cheap carpooling, some will be dozens of bus, when the road is capped, you won't go to too many attractions, and you won't stay too long, so the mood is very bad! Hulunbeier grassland area is large, personally think that it is not necessary to play for too long, it takes time, mainly to waste money 5-6 days best, it is recommended to charter free travel, the driver master will send you the itinerary, accommodation does not care and Can also offer! The driver is especially real, helping to carry luggage, taking pictures, and taking care of it all the way! Because it is off season, give us a super low price! The driver is also very nice, want to park and park, then people will not be very embarrassed, the car is very clean and comfortable! (The key point is to drive steady... I dont want to drive the car hahaha.) I heard that he used to be the red driver of Hulunbeier. But now its too angry. Hahahaha, we want to pick him up, laugh! Sports handsome humor 90 driver big brother, you deserve it. There are a lot of attractions or projects on the road. The drivers big brother will tell us in advance, suggesting that we go, especially if we want money, we dont recommend us to go and save us a lot of money! Unlike many black heart guides and identities, where to go. The driver's big brother on the road will find a lot of beautiful places (his own private), take us to take pictures, when we say that we want to see a large number of sheep and horses, he will help us find us, we dare not approach, he Also served as "herders" to bring them to us, haha and then there is a large movie of 50,000 horses running! Itinerary: Hulunbeier Tourism Day 1: Hailar - Ergun - Enhe (via Windows desktop grassland) Mozhgrad River Jiuqu 18th bend Hulunbeier tourism the next day : Enhe - Shiwei - Linjiang This section of the road is Daxinganling, where you will pass by reindeer, Linjiang shoot sunset. Its only about 8 o'clock in the sunset. We waited for a long time from 6:30 to wait until sunset. Hulunbeier Tourism Day 3: Linjiang-Border Card Line (Nine Cards, Eight Cards, Seven Cards, Six Cards, Five Cards) - Jiehe River Scenery - Heishantou Summer Road has many white peony flowers, The white embellishment is also very drifting. The driver brother found a lot of peony flowers, take pictures of us Hulunbeier travel the fourth day
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