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There is a direct train from Beijing to Heze. It takes more than 5 hours to arrive at Heze City. The Heze Wanda Meihua Hotel is booked in advance. It is located at No. 788 Yucai South Road, Peony District, downtown. The transportation is very convenient. It is 4 km from Heze Railway Station. The surrounding supporting facilities are perfect, there are Wanda Plaza, supermarkets and restaurants. Entering the hotel, the warm and elegant lobby, the warm yellow theme color, the various books placed on the bookshelf and the Japanese-style sofa of the fabric give a sense of belonging. After check-in, I met a cute "little guy" and guessed it was an air purifier. I didn't think it was a small robot. Let this be a "trial period". The guy took us to the room, from the lobby to the elevator to the room, no need to manually operate the whole process, just follow the person, you can experience the full intelligent service, this little guy in addition to taking guests to the room, there is also "send flowers" The ability to "send food"! It's really a fun and amazing experience. Follow the smart little robot and go to the room together. Not only does it provide mineral water, but also drinks in the refrigerator. In the midsummer night, there is ice-cold soda, and it feels a lot cooler. Instant tea and coffee, coffee with hanging ear direct brewing, and a coffee machine, is it very advanced? Don't worry about going hungry at night all night long, there are cookies and welcome fruits in the fridge in the room. Each room also has an air purifier, a flashlight for use with the flash, a weight scale, a usb plug, these small details, give the door to the passengers, bring a lot of convenience, super intimate. A vibrant day, it must start with the nutritious breakfast buffet at the hotel's mint restaurant, which belongs to Wanda, fresh juice, fresh milk, hot soy milk, sweet and delicious, for June in the early summer, Bring cool, delicious and nutritious, don't miss it. The hotel features Meihua buns, beef noodles, and my favorite fritters, hash browns, bacon, etc., a variety of fruits and vegetables, meat, pasta, as well as a variety of side dishes, cold dishes, from the mint restaurant Start a day full of energy. The restaurant is next to the gym, treadmills, ellipses and dumbbells, and transparent glass windows that overlook the first floor lobby while exercising. It is also a pleasure to exercise in a gym in such an elegant environment. Opposite the restaurant is a small meeting room that can accommodate more than a dozen meeting rooms, soundproofing, whether it is a meeting or a corporate group is a good place.
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