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The interesting nature is always wonderfully showing people its magical power. In the extremely cold world of 30°C in Heilongjiang, there is a miraculous existence of a non-freezing lake Wudalianchi Wenbo, a listener feels Very warm name. The lakes in the northeast will have thick ice layers in the winter, you can play on the ice and you dont have to worry about falling, but the temperature of Wudalianchi is even at minus three or forty degrees. In the harsh winter, the lake is not frozen. This phenomenon has attracted tourists from all over the country to come and find out. December's warmth is already a silver color, snow is like a paint, the surrounding trees, lakes, houses and even the sky are painted white, snow is full of sight, white Throughout the winter, I breathed a sigh of relief and condensed into the notes of winter. is divided into three lakes: Libo, Bibo, Jingbo, with a total length of 1200 meters, an average water depth of 0.8 meters, and the deepest point is nearly 5 meters. It is recommended that the friends go to take pictures early. [tips] Transportation: Wenbo is located at the east side of Wudalianchi Shengshui Square Visitor Center 200m tickets: (including ticket) 50 yuan/person, student ticket 25 yuan/person opening time: 7
작성일: 2018년 12월 19일
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I have to say that in the Aiyu Historical Exhibition Hall, the history of learning in the middle and high school era is vivid in the moment. Aihui is famous for its "Defamation Treaty". The Aihui Historical Exhibition Hall has also attracted the attention of the world because of the "Defamation Treaty". The Aihui Historical Exhibition Hall records the history of the evolution of Sino-Russian relations. Aihui Historical Exhibition Hall is the only museum in the country with a comprehensive display of the history of Sino-Russian relations. After the signing of the Nybchu Treaty, the Qing government took various measures to strengthen the management of the vast territory to the south of the Xing'an Mountains and north of Heilongjiang. In a peaceful environment of about one and a half centuries, the social economy of the Heilongjiang River Basin has developed steadily, and Aihui has developed into a central city in the middle and upper reaches of Heilongjiang. However, in the second half of the 19th century, the Qing Empire was devastated by the prosperity and internal and diplomatic difficulties. In the face of the re-invasion of the strong neighboring Russia to the Heilongjiang River Basin, it was no longer able to defend itself and resist. 1858, under the force of the armed forces of the Russian Federation of Eastern Siberia, Muraviov, Heilongjiang General Lushan was forced to sign the "Defamation Treaty" with the loss of power. After the entry into force of the " Treaty", Sino-Russian trade on both sides of Heilongjiang developed and the 64-inch area of Jiangdong remained under Chinese jurisdiction. In 1900, the Boxers anti-imperialist patriotic movement broke out, and Russia took the opportunity to send troops to the northeast of China, creating the Hailan bubble tragedy and the Jiangdong Sixty-four Massacre that shocked the world and burned down the Heihe River. Forgetting history means betrayal, pinning on the future, and the future will be better.
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