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There is a different kind of landscape at the junction of Daxing'anling and Songnen Plain in Heilongjiang. It is covered with dense vegetation and the whole terrain is relatively flat and gentle. Go inside, there is a fire watchtower in the middle, now it becomes a viewing platform, visitors can go up, look into the film, into pieces Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica and red spruce mother trees come into view. It is the Nenjiang Peak Forest Park, about 8 kilometers from Nenjiang County. It is also the only ecological type in the country that combines the original red-skinned spruce tree with the artificial garden landscape of Pinus sylvestris. park. These trees are not naturally grown, but the Jianmengjian Naval Camp on the bank of the Nenjiang River in Kangxi, Qing Dynasty. Cui has selected a treasure land and planted more than 3,000. The red-skinned spruce tree has grown into a spectacular look today. The unique forest vegetation, combined with the humid climate here, allows the Nenjiang Peak Forest Park to blend in with the ecology of nature. Nenjiang Peak Forest Park In addition to Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica and red-skin spruce tree, the oldest red-skin spruce has more than 260 annual rings. They thrive and grow into towering trees, adding another beautiful landscape to Nenjiang County. got a piece of treasure, so Cui Jiafen chose this place. In 1739, Cui Zhixi began to build graves here. After hundreds of years have passed, I still feel the majesty of the former Cui generals.
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