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Harbins most famous pedestrian street, Central Street, is known as the first street in Asia. It was built in 1900 and has a total length of 1,400 meters. It is all made of bread stone. It is said that the price of a piece of bread stone at that time was a silver dollar, and a silver dollar at that time was enough for ordinary people to pay for food for one month. Russian-style buildings can be seen everywhere on the street. Tourists line up to buy traditional Maldese popsicles, Harbin sausages, Qiulingwas and other local specialties. This beautiful scenery can be used along the way. The color can be described as a meal. Walk along the central avenue, pass by the Byzantine architecture of the Sofia Cathedral, stroll through the Sofia Square, and the flying white pigeons fly up that moment, and feel refreshed. Walking along the central street, a group of familiar smiles appeared on the roadside. The other students of the Zhuangyou team were also attracted by the night scenes of Harbin. The central street that runs through the river is across the road. The riverside is the landmark of Harbin. The flood control memorial tower is located on the beautiful Songhua River, commemorating Harbin's 1957 flood control victory. It was completed in 1958. Located on the south bank of the Songhua River, the riverside scenery is picturesque, and it is also a leisure destination for local residents after a meal.
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