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Ma Duo Tavern, located in the lively Central Street of Harbin, the layout of a pub in the entrance, will make people think about the boss, the store is not big, but there is a flavor inside. Retro nostalgic chandeliers, old-fashioned telephones, large red enamel kettles, full of Lijiang mix and match, the environment is not deliberately created, very leisurely and comfortable, I feel like coming, I dont want to leave, people cant help it! Ma Duo's boss is also very high! At first glance, there are people who have stories. Because the owner of the store is also a person who likes to travel around, so the dishes are very creative. Here you can spicy Sichuan food, thick soup, and passion for Northeastern cuisine. Which crayfish is the most recommended, super delicious, and sure enough, I can't forget my Hunan stomach, I didn't stop. Finally, I drank a meal with crayfish soup, which was awesome. Many dishes of Ma Duo are very interesting, not only taste good, but also the style of the dishes is very novel. For example, their potato silk, known as two meters long, the shape of the ten, so that everyone shines. I also really like the melon balls in their homes. They are cute, they are pink balls, piled in small bowls, very nice and taste good. The main theme of the three-year-old peach blossoms in the small restaurant is brewed by the owner of the store. The taste of the wine is light, the color of the powder is fine, and the entrance is clear, which is very suitable for girls to drink. Ma Du Bistro is similar in style to Qing, but it gives people a more lazy and comfortable feel than Qing. In the evening, I gathered in the tavern with my friends. Everyone talked very much. I was comfortable in the small sofa, tasted the food, and occasionally took a bit of peach blossom and talked with my friends~
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Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest training base for skiers in China! The winter training base of the National Polar Scientific Research Office is also located here The extreme minimum temperature here is -44 °C, the average temperature is -10 °C, the snow period is 170 days, and the skiing period is nearly 150 days. , The mid-November to the end of March is the best skiing time here. The snow center is divided into two major ski areas: one is the Yabuli Sports Ski Resort, which is mainly used for international and domestic competitions, and can also be used by middle and senior skiers; another area is Windmill Mountain Skiing The field is mainly used for skiing and general competition skiing for different levels of skiers. The advice that I have never slipped through the snow is to take a look at the coach. We are looking for a local big ticket, the ticket fee is 155 per person, the coach fee is 300 (still quite expensive) A: Although the ski resort is not allowed to collect tips, but several of us have been asked by the coach to tip after the end, let the original happy trip make some heart unhappy! In fact, you can not give it! But because I am very happy, I really don't want to destroy the atmosphere~ Later I summed up the experience: I don't need to ask the coach for the next time. I can temporarily find a coach to bring myself down when I slide down the mountain Just need 100 yuan to get it! I heard that the coach costs 300 yuan, the coach can only get 50 or so commission fees. Its no wonder that we are looking for a tip! (* ) Yabuli Ski Resort Traffic Train
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