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하이커우,추천 트립 모먼트
Crater Geological Park Continue along the Huanhai Expressway and head to our first destination, the Crater Geological Park, to visit the ancient dormant volcano in northern Qiongzhou. Haikou Shishan Volcanic Group World Geopark is located in Shishan Town, southwest of Haikou City. It is a geological relic of the mantle-rift-type basic volcanic activity. It is also one of the few Holocenes in China (10,000 years ago) One of the dormant volcanoes of the volcanic eruption. According to geologists, the Qiongbei volcano erupted in the Early Tertiary of the Cenozoic, and the last eruption was the Quaternary Holocene, about 13,000 years ago. After thousands of years of sea and land changes, 36 pyramidal crater crater sites have been preserved here, including the Maanling crater at an elevation of 222.8 meters, the highest peak in Qiongbei. This is a national 4A level scenic spot, and it is a world-class geological park. The volcanic group in the scenic area covers an area of about 108 square kilometers. There are 40 different types of volcanoes and more than 30 lava tunnels. It is rich in high-quality drinking mineral springs and healing hot water. It has a tropical forest that is known as the green lung of Haikou city. The original forest and the unique basalt stone ancient dwellings. As this is not a tourist season, there are few tourists in the scenic area, and it is quiet and quiet. There are ancient trees in the scenic area. I dont know how old it is, maybe its a hundred years, or a thousand years. The dense roots must hang from the trunk, and the old trees are wrapped tightly into it, looking far away, like the old man's beard. After the erosion of time, the wind, the frost and the snow, their trunks are still vigorous and vigorous; seeing the flowers blossoming, the clouds are gone, their crowns have already covered the sky. When the sun shines through the lush foliage, it is sprinkled in the misty morning mist, and the ancient trees are rendered with mottled light and shadow. At this moment, this situation is as picturesque as a dream. The breeze comes, the oil color of the nib is slowly blooming on the rice paper, the landscape is solidified in the field of vision, the morning sun sings in the eyes, how many thoughts, how many squats, all turned into the scenery and the falling of the pen Fixed memory. Under the lamp, the ink is in the ink, and the dozens of time are spent on the light and the pen is gone. The breeze rises, Lin Tao bursts, and the flowing sunshine lingers on the leisure of the years. Jianghu carries wine, the migration of the years, the slogan of the slogan buried the pavement of the left side. Through the tree-lined path, you have passed several hundred steps, and the front is convenient to the Huokou observation deck.
하이커우,추천 트립 모먼트
하이커우,추천 트립 모먼트
Haikou 2020 #wintergetaway
하이커우,추천 트립 모먼트
홀리데이 해변
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하이커우,추천 트립 모먼트
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