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Milan Prince   
Guiyang Manchu Street is a flyover and an underground passage. It can be said that I am constantly entering the land, and it is also very interesting. On the road, I also saw a special place name, Oil Street, where the government built a ramp and a gate more than 100 years ago. The restaurant opened here opened its own frying workshop to solve the supply of rapeseed oil, and the oil-squeezed street was slowly formed. Jiaxiu Building has a history of more than 400 years. There are floating jade bridges connecting the two banks. After six repairs, the existing building was rebuilt in the first year of Xuantong (1909). There is a small exhibition hall that tells about the historical changes and important figures in Guizhou. The world's first long association, China's top ten famous buildings! ! The founder of Kung Pao Chicken Ding Baozhen, a native of Guizhou, has long experience and has always thought that it was the Kung Pao Chicken invented by the Sichuanese! (Just come to a tour group, listen to the tour guide to explain) to come out freely, if you have enough time, you can guide a lot of knowledge, you can understand a lot of knowledge, do not want money. The back of Jiaxiu Building is called Cuiweiyuan. The scenery is general, passing by, but this sentence on the wall attracted me: cool and cool Guiyang! Because Guiyang downtown streets and alleys have this slogan everywhere, and later Baidu, originally because Guiyang's climate is pleasant, winter is warm and cool in summer, the temperature in summer is also 20 degrees, suitable for summer, then the secretary of the municipal party committee lyrics, Sun Nan sings A song title is "cool and cool Guiyang", it has become Guiyang's business card, the next few days on the train infinitely loop this song, so there is a feeling on the road! Continue to hike, anyway, nothing happened in the afternoon, just take a look around, go to the snack street, pass Wenchang Pavilion, and it is a place to become a tea drink, next to Wushengmen. Then its coming to Minsheng Road, a variety of snacks, but the home is crispy duck, and the old kings family also has crispy ducks, diligent mother silk dolls, Yang Xiaoma silk dolls, all kinds of aunts. Crispy duck is divided into large, medium and small, and the middle and a half, the price is 19-60, but the home is slightly more expensive, Wang Ji's cheaper pieces, the next day to Huangguoshu on the way to buy near the train station In the middle half, 19 yuan, he couldnt do it. This road is a snack of Guiyang. The silk doll is a pancake made of rice flour. It is as thin as paper but as big as a palm. Then entangled in radish, folded ears (Houttuynia cordata) kelp silk fried soy beans, paste pepper and so on. When the locals eat, of course, it is necessary to inject sour and spicy juice. This drowning is the essence of silk dolls. The crepes are usually counted as 12 yuan, and the side dishes are infinitely looped. When a guest comes up, they will come up with a small dish. In fact, I feel a little unhygienic, and I dont have much taste. Ice powder is not as delicious as you think, it seems to be 8 yuan, can not remember, and mung bean ice powder and so on. Guiyang local silk doll shop, so it is not necessary to eat in Minsheng Road, including but the home crispy duck, the branch is also a lot, I think Huaxi beef powder is quite good, my taste Huaxi beef powder, generally two famous, Huaxi Wangji and Huaxifei bowl, have branches. Take the train to the train station. In order to get familiar with the route and distance from the train station to the hotel, I will make arrangements for the next two days. By the way, I bought the train to Anshun the next morning, because I went to Huangguoshu if I took the train. If you can only travel to Anshun on a special trip. . Bus is 2 or 20 (Guiyang bus 1-2 yuan), haha, double-decker bus.
작성일: 2019년 6월 15일
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