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Abrolhos Islands
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HMAS Sydney II Memorial
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Western Australian Museum - Geraldton
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About the Abrozos Islands: The Abu Rojos Islands are known as the last secrets of Western Australia and are known for their mystery, grandeur and purity. Ablojos means "open your eyes" in Spanish. There are a lot of reefs, and its name suggests that the crew should see the fairway. There are many shipwrecks near the archipelago, including the famous Batavia. This history is widely known in Europe and is rarely known in the East. The island is located 70 km west of the coastline of Geraldton and belongs to the A-level nature reserve, but unlike other places of sightseeing, the island is exclusively managed by the fisheries department. In addition to fishermen and tourists (visitors must return on the same day), others are not allowed to enter the island privately, so the sea is pure and unspoiled. The lobster industry on the island and its prosperity, many Australian lobsters from the hotel are from the Abu Rojos. China is currently the most important market for lobsters in the Abollas Islands. In addition to lobsters, the Abu Rojos are also rich in pearls. The world's most expensive black pearls are produced in eight different locations in the archipelago, so Black Pearl is also one of Geraldton's famous specialties. How to get to the Abu Rojos Islands: The island is not far from the west side of Geraldton. If you are flying, you can see the islands in 10 minutes. My plane rental company in Geraldton booked a day trip to the Abu Rojos + Hutt lagoon, and took a small plane to the uninhabited island. The scenery was very good. The whole island is in an undeveloped state. There are only fishermen on the island. It is said that some fishermen are still Italians, so they like to paint the house in various colors, adding a romance to the islands. You can also see the devil's squid swimming in the shoal from time to time on the small plane, jumping with dolphins and sea lions lazy on the beach. It is because it is not open to tourists, so the ecological protection is so primitive. The only island in the entire archipelago that is open to tourists is East China Lebi Island, which is the wallaby of the wallabies. The Australian people still really love their unique species. In Australia, everyone can learn to fly a plane. Perth and Adelaide have related training bases. Some people have seen the words "rushing to the sky", probably knowing one or two. It is reported that many TVB fans in Hong Kong will come to Australia to test the plane and have fun. Because the coral reef is shallow and has not been damaged, it is one of the most suitable snorkeling paradise in the world, comparable to the Great Barrier Reef. The sea water is clearer and cleaner than the Great Barrier Reef. island is rich in flora and fauna due to its unique geographical environment. There are a variety of lizard mites, especially the rare animal Wallerby kangaroo (Wallaby, ultra-small kangaroo, only the special kangaroo species available on the island), white-bellied sea eagle, sea eagle owl and so on. On the island, you can see the sea eagle nest that you can see in the animal world.
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