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트립 모먼트

푸저우,추천 트립 모먼트
The street lights of Roppongi Hills are usually started in early November and are terminated after the annual New Year. The practice established here in 2004 has been 12 years old. During the streetlight show, from 5:00 to -11 every night, the street lights will change from blue to red when the hour and the half point.
From the Roppongi Hills of the Roppongi Hills, take the exit to the ground and walk for about 3 minutes. The viewing platform for street lights is located here.
A whole street, the trees on both sides are entangled with a gradual light bulb, the part of the trunk is dark blue, and the branches are light blue to white. Although there is no spectacle in the imagination, but there is a feeling of a snowy kingdom. The Tokyo Tower, which is exposed on the street, is covered with a thin veil today, and it seems to add a sense of dreaminess.
After a few minutes, the street lights turned dark; when the all-lighted lights were re-lighted again, the blue lines became red. Now the part of the trunk is whiteish pink and the branches are bright red. At first, I may feel a little surprised at first sight. After seeing more than two eyes, I feel that this color is more festive.
If you travel to Tokyo at a non-year-end New Year's time, then the Roppongi Hills are also worth a visit. The 52nd floor of Mori Building, the tallest building here, has a 360-degree glass wall landscape platform and can see all the landmarks of Tokyo. The most invincible place in Tokyo to see the night scene is definitely not here.
푸저우,추천 트립 모먼트
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