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후지요시다 날씨

2020년 8월 14일
20 °
대체로 맑음
2020년 8월 15일
2020년 8월 16일
때때로 흐림
2020년 8월 17일
곳에 따라 맑음

트립 모먼트

Karon Tomato   
It was snowing on the first day of Kawaguchi Lake. I thought it was missed with Mount Fuji. I didnt expect the weather to be good the next day. I have to know that Mount Fuji is only over 80 days a year. I cherish the hard-won sunny days and decided to go to Asama Shrine to take the five-storied pagoda. Mountain view. Take the train from Kawaguchiko to the next Yoshida station. The lower Yoshida station is a small station. It is very warm and has a feeling. There are some colored trains on the railway. Because it is Fujikyu after one stop, Thomas stopped. The painted train is very popular. After getting off the bus, follow the direction of the pedestrians. When you pass the railway and farmland, you can feel the beauty of Mount Fuji. When you come to the mountain gate to pick up the stairs, you have to climb a total of 400 stairs. Fortunately, climbing in Japan is not very tired. Stop and stop to take some scenery. It was completely shocked when I arrived at the summit observation deck. Looking at Mount Fuji and overlooking Fuji Yoshida City, the spectacular five-storied pagoda is actually not tall, but with the distant Mount Fuji, the red, blue and white collisions are really beautiful. As with the scenery on the postcard, imagine how beautiful the cherry blossoms are when they are fully in full bloom. The best observation points are lined up in order, and it is still very fast. Each person takes a few shots, which is not ideal. Asama Shrine does not need tickets, there are some small vendors at the Minamiyama Shrine. If the Fuji Five Lakes tour encounters a good weather, you must come here to play a card, for example, we are posing for a family.
작성일: 2019년 5월 5일
한국소비자포럼 주관
2019 올해의 브랜드 대상 수상