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I have traveled to and from Europe many times. I have traveled to Europe for multiple airlines, but I feel like it is normal. This time I flew to Helsinki in the Finnish aviation business class. The experience is really good, very Comfortable, the entire route for 10 hours, eat, drink, sleep, time has passed, and for the first time I feel that doing intercontinental routes is a pleasure, so I especially want to share with you. route: At present, Finnair has opened direct flights to Helsinki in major cities in China. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi'an and Hong Kong all have direct flights. This time I chose Hong Kong to fly. It is because Hong Kong is close to me and more convenient. Hong Kong's direct flight to Helsinki in the early hours of the morning, more than 10 hours of voyage, I feel very fast. Flying Nordic or Nordic transit to other European countries, Finnair is really the best choice. VIP room: The reason why I chose Hong Kong to fly is mainly to experience the VIP rooms of major airlines in Hong Kong. Since Finnair has no VIP room in Hong Kong, it belongs to the oneworld, so it is also with Cathay. There is a Qantas shared VIP room. Cathay Pacific Terminal 1 has 4 VIP rooms. The 2nd boarding gate is very big. There are two floors with showers. The experience is good. seat
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Angeline Yang
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To Finland, the most attractive place to visit is Lapland, where three-thirds of the land in Lapland is in the polar, unique polar scenery and ethnic customs, dumping tourists from all over the world. Lappland is in northern Finland, every year into winter, is only coming to the beginning of May of the year. In the winter of 8 months, the snow drifting, turns the earth into a fairytale world of ice and jade. The Lapland people said that this place is the birthplace of Santa Claus. Indeed, Lapland has traces of Santa Claus everywhere. In the village of Santa Claus, where the Arctic line passes, visitors can follow his footsteps and walk to the Santa Claus home to rest, and can talk or take a photo with him. Of course, shopping in Santa Claus Village is the most enjoyable experience. There are so many unique souvenirs and they are cheap.
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###trip# Winter travel to Finland, How cold is it and How thick is it to wear is the first problem. Paying attention to the weather forecast of the destination in advance, the temperature in the northern polar circle of Finland may reach minus 40 degrees in the winter, and the windy and snowy, thick and medium-length down jackets must be prepared. Warm clothing that can be prepared also includes plush warm pants, windproof warm pants, and sweaters or other clothing can be selected according to personal feeling under the down jacket. Food is also one of the local characteristics. I found too many delicious and delicious food. This is the snack street next to the fat policeman. It is colorful and full of flavor. I also bought a small souvenir. It is worth it. A stroll.
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Finland is born from the water, and the beginning of the Finnish epic describes the historical fact that she rose from the water after the last Ice Age. The Finnish Lake District is the largest lake area in Europe with more than a thousand lakes. The lakes connect the southeastern part of Finland with islands, ridges and forests. Summer, the day is long, the sky is very clean, the lake is full of flowers, the distant mountains are deep and beautiful, walking along the lake, encountering the seal moose, entering the depths of the forest, picking wild berries and mushrooms, Learn the locals, steaming in the wooden house, jumping into the lake, watching the sun sinking, the ancient steamboat passing by, the night moon shining on the lake. Traveling to the Lake District is a journey into the soul of Finland. There is a beautiful scene in the world, Finland gives you a clean and clean heart.
I am Ann An
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