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추천 트립 모먼트
페이시,추천 트립 모먼트
Sanhe Ancient Town Sanhe is located in Feixi County, Hefei City, and is known as the Spring and Autumn Ancient Town, Suizhong Water Town. It was named after the three rivers of Fengle River, Hangyong River and Xiaonan River, and formed the Guihe River, Ancient Bridge, Ancient Temple, Ancient Street, Ancient Dwellings, Ancient Tea House, Ancient Stage, Ancient City Wall It is the unique "eight ancient" landscape of the Jianghuai region. The characteristics of the ancient town are one for water and two for ancient times. Water is the elf of the Three Rivers. Wulichang Street in the town, the river is surrounded by water; the river network outside the town is horizontal and the embankment is interlaced, with a unique landform of outside the ring, the three states of China. There are existing ancient wells, ancient cannons, ancient city walls, Taipingjun Yingwangfu in the town, and Sun Liren, a senior general of the Kuomintang, and Yang Zhenning, a Nobel laureate. The ancient town is a typical Hui style architectural style: white horse head wall, double-sloping roof covered by small blue tiles. The houses on both sides of the street are row upon row, mostly in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ancient town street is 2-3 meters wide, and the pavement is paved with large pieces of blue stone. After thousands of years of wind and rain, pedestrian pressure, the stone surface is uniquely created only by the years. Although not as famous as other ancient towns, it has kept its own quiet. Most of the shops on the street snored early at five in the afternoon, not so embarrassed, watching the residents of the ancient towns, sitting in the sun chatting, the children are innocent everywhere, the yellow hair is coveted and happy, beautiful The scene, oh back to childhood.
페이시,추천 트립 모먼트
Sanhe Town, with a history of more than 2,500 years, is named after the three rivers of Fengle River, Hangyong River and Xiaonan River. Sanhe Town is characterized by a water town and an ancient town. It has a rich cultural landscape and forms the unique eight ancient landscape of the Jianghuai area, namely the ancient river, the ancient bridge, the ancient temple, the ancient street, the ancient residence, the ancient tea house and the ancient battlefield. In history, it is both a battleground for military strategists and a place where merchants gather. Sanhe Town is a typical water town, and its landscape is not inferior to Zhouzhuang in southern Jiangsu. It is clear and transparent, crystal clear as a mirror, overlooking the water, fish in the water, weeping willows on the shore, clouds and water heads, all vividly. Take a boat ride from the Xiaonanhe Wharf and go boating along the way. You can enjoy the scenery of the two sides of the strait while enjoying the fragrant scent, and enjoy the scenery of the small bridge, the flowing water and the people, and wash away the dust of the city. . Three ancient towns in Sanhe Town, the ancient dwellings of the flying rafts and the carved beams, are the rare buildings of the late Qing Dynasty in the central area. White horse head wall, double sloping roof covered by small blue tiles. Liang Shuzhu carved and painted, plus black lacquered gold shop plaques, hanging on the octagonal octagonal chandeliers, the deep secluded ones all over the moss, all full of rich ancient charm. Being immersed in the situation, you can't help but think about the ancient feelings. Ancient Street starts from the ancient pier, along the Xiaonan River, 2 km south. The pavement is paved with large pieces of cyan stone, which are connected end to end. The lines are clear and clear. After thousands of years of wind and rain, the pedestrian pressure is very smooth. The street is three meters wide. Mostly buildings in the Qingming period.
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