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, don't miss the sunrise in Juyanhai. I have traveled to many places and have seen sunrises in many places, but this is definitely the coldest but most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. is located about 50 kilometers north of Hubu Town in Ejina Banner. If you go to the scenic spot, it is recommended to drive by car or charter. The shape of Yanhai is long and narrow, like a new moon. There are many fish, swan, geese, cranes and ducks in the lake. Therefore, watching the migratory birds in the Juyanhai sunrise is also a good choice. The seagull is also the biggest highlight of the sunrise in Juyanhai. The sky is still not bright. The seagulls here are waiting to be fed on the edge of the boardwalk. The seagulls fly in the lake and the waves ripple. The shores of the grass are swaying, full of sunshine, very spectacular. At the moment of sunrise, the changing light and shadow, alternating colors, achieved the perfect highlight moment of Juyanhai. Infatuated with the luxurious scenery at this moment, forgetting the time is good, the moment of Juyanhai, only those who are awake and have dreams~ !! Tips: Tickets: 75 yuan / person urban area about 1 hour drive from the scenic area, we are October 16th, the day sunrise time is about 7:20, more than 6 o'clock to the scenic spot, temperature Very low, everyone must keep warm, it is not ordinary cold, our hands and feet are already frozen to full red in the process of waiting for the sunrise.
작성일: 2019년 10월 22일
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Many people come to Yanhai to watch the sunrise. At 6 o'clock in the morning, you can buy tickets to enter Juyanhai. The sky is not yet bright. The gates are crowded with people waiting for the sunrise. They enter the scenic spot, along the wooden plank road, the sand, the Gobi, and the surface of the water. And those who can't wait to wait for the sunrise, every viewing platform is full, and the armed forces are looking forward to the direction of the sunrise. The scenic spot also prepares some night camps for tourists, conveniently in Juyanhai. Shooting sunrise and sunset, but during the 11th period, Juyanhai has a large temperature difference between night and night, and compared with Dalaihubu Town, which is more than ten kilometers away, the temperature in Juyanhai is lower, and the surrounding area is empty and windy and sandy. Friends pay attention to keep warm, in early October, at 6 o'clock in the morning, Yan Yanhai wearing a jacket with a cotton hat will tremble coldly, and watching the sunrise in Juyanhai is also to fight luck. Juyanhai is divided into Dongjuyanhai and Xijuyanhai. Nowadays, Juyanhai generally refers to Dongjuyanhai. It is known as the Gobi Lake, which is known as the Gobi Pearl. It originated from the black of Qilian Mountain. The area of the lake formed by the injection of the river is constantly changing with the amount of water in the Black River. Because of the shortage of water resources in Inner Mongolia, the locals are used to calling the lake Haizi.
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The most beautiful autumn color in the country, "Hero", the same paragraph Hu Yanglin Ejina Hu Yanglin, one to the middle of October each year, golden everywhere, the scenery is beautiful. The temperature is suitable, it is very suitable for the eleven long holidays to enjoy the autumn. 1 fly to Yinchuan, take a bus to Alashan League right flag, rent a buggy or camel into the desert hinterland at the desert entrance, and after entering the desert, you can enter the Ejina Banner Dalaihubu via Jiuquan Dongfeng Aerospace City. In the town, rent a car to a bridge to the Eight Bridges to watch and shoot Hu Yanglin, and go to the strange forest, Blackwater City site, ancient residence Yanhai and other attractions. 2 After arriving in Yinchuan, take a bus to Alashan Zuoqi (Bayanhot Town) and take the shuttle bus to Ejina Banner. 3 Take the K7911 train from Hohhot, Baotou, Linhe and other stations to the Ejina Banner. accommodation Badajilin Desert has accommodations for residents, but there are few beds. There are a number of large and small hotels in Dalaihubu, Ejinaqi, and the autumn beds are tight. Photography Lake in the morning and evening in the desert hinterland of the temple sea and Norto. During this time, the sand, light, lines and colors are rich, and the reflection in the lake is clear. The Huyanglin scenery of Erdaoqiao and Sidaoqiao is the most beautiful. The Erdaoqiao can take the reflection of Huyang in the morning and evening. The black water city shoots the sunset light and shadow effect well. The ancient residence Yanhai can shoot the sunrise. The best time 9-10 months is the best time to travel to Ejina, Inner Mongolia. It is high in air and low in wind and should enter the desert hinterland. From early October to mid-October, the leaves of Populus euphratica are the brightest, which is the best time to see Populus euphratica.
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The Heihe River was called weak water in ancient times, and there was a thousand-year-old Xixia Blackwater City site in the lower reaches of the Heihe River. From the Jinta to the Heihe River, I found that the beautiful scenery mentioned in the original book is always true in the unknown. There is a lot of grass on the road, the sand is on the road, no one is on the road, one car Galloping in the desert, the mysterious and ethereal and real existence, lonely but not alone in the vast land of the vast Central Asia, from the Golden Tower to the Heihe, from the gentle road to the off-road desert, if you need to reach the highest point, you need to cross the desert After experiencing the wind and sand, you can appreciate the beauty of this non-human. After reaching the high point of the Heihe River, the first thing I saw was this deserted wild land. Looking east, the endless sandstone was like a huge sand table, operating the whole scene. The victory of the war, but turned into a river of weak water, where you can see 150 kilometers of weak water like a giant python leaping between Pingsha, standing here, overlooking the whole piece The weak water is surrounded by the tide. Looking westward is a scene of sand and sky. The yellow sand in the distance is like the sea. Sometimes the sea water (gravel) is flying, and sometimes the wind is smooth (sand). The beauty of Heihe is like a rose with a thorn, and the mandala is poisonous. Although the road is difficult, once it arrives, it will be convinced by this enchanting scenery, immersed in it and can't extricate itself. At that time, I finally realized it. Everything is worth it. ps If you want to reach the Heihe River, it is recommended that the off-road vehicles go up because this section is desert sand dunes.
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