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In the place where the Ejina Banner is located in Dalaihubu Town, about 30 kilometers away, there is a well-preserved ancient city site, Heicheng. Although the Black City has been eroded by sandstorms for nearly a thousand years, the sands piled up to the top of the city wall, but it is not difficult to see its majestic appearance. In the northwest corner of the city, there is a well-preserved earthen tower with a pointed top and a round shape. It is tall and straight, and there is a Qianlong-style building in the southwest corner of the city. It is basically intact and is an Islamic mosque. The official offices, streets, and houses in the old city are faintly discernible. Among the local Turkite Mongolians, there is a story about this ancient city. According to legend, a long time ago, there was a Mongolian general named Black Hero, who built the town. Over time, this city is called the Black City.
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Resist unyielding, the twisted Ejina Hu Yanglin looks like a little monster.
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