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Many people come to Yanhai to watch the sunrise. At 6 o'clock in the morning, you can buy tickets to enter Juyanhai. The sky is not yet bright. The gates are crowded with people waiting for the sunrise. They enter the scenic spot, along the wooden plank road, the sand, the Gobi, and the surface of the water. And those who can't wait to wait for the sunrise, every viewing platform is full, and the armed forces are looking forward to the direction of the sunrise. The scenic spot also prepares some night camps for tourists, conveniently in Juyanhai. Shooting sunrise and sunset, but during the 11th period, Juyanhai has a large temperature difference between night and night, and compared with Dalaihubu Town, which is more than ten kilometers away, the temperature in Juyanhai is lower, and the surrounding area is empty and windy and sandy. Friends pay attention to keep warm, in early October, at 6 o'clock in the morning, Yan Yanhai wearing a jacket with a cotton hat will tremble coldly, and watching the sunrise in Juyanhai is also to fight luck. Juyanhai is divided into Dongjuyanhai and Xijuyanhai. Nowadays, Juyanhai generally refers to Dongjuyanhai. It is known as the Gobi Lake, which is known as the Gobi Pearl. It originated from the black of Qilian Mountain. The area of the lake formed by the injection of the river is constantly changing with the amount of water in the Black River. Because of the shortage of water resources in Inner Mongolia, the locals are used to calling the lake Haizi.
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Resist unyielding, the twisted Ejina Hu Yanglin looks like a little monster.
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