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In ancient times, Wenhao had a lot of eternal sings for the deserted desert. It felt like there was no desert, they just lost their creative inspiration. Therefore, when standing on the desert and looking at the sunrise, I feel that I am also a great writer. Wen Si is like a spring, ah, ah, ah, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! ! , there are not many people who want to know it, but if Zhang Yimou is mentioned as the movie "Hero", two red and white women are desperate in the red world flying in the sky, my heart is broken, good What are the men? Why bother? Yes, that place is the Erdaoqiao. However, what is the relationship between Erdaoqiao and Badaoqiao? In fact, the most northwestern part of Inner Mongolia, Ejina has two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight bridges, all of which have 3,000 years of undead Hu Yanglin. The bridge is the most populous, with rivers passing by, and the eight bridges belong to Ejina and Bataan. The edge of the Jilin desert is dominated by desert, but the scenery is invincible. Tips: Before and after the National Day is to appreciate the most beautiful season of Populus, but pay attention to avoid the peak of travel, contact the hotel in advance, or you can only sleep in the desert of Badaoqiao.
작성일: 2018년 12월 24일
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Resist unyielding, the twisted Ejina Hu Yanglin looks like a little monster.
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