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2020년 7월 15일
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2020년 7월 16일
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2020년 7월 17일
2020년 7월 18일
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트립 모먼트

작성일: 2018년 12월 17일
작성일: 2018년 12월 18일
At the northernmost latitude of 52° north of Hulunbeier, there is an ancient and mysterious and exotic village, Linjiang. Linjiangyu is a Russian descendant in the northern border of China. It is named after the scorpion is close to the Erguna River in the Sino-Russian border river. It has a history of more than one hundred years, and the scorpion is not big. There are only over 80 households, and two-thirds are Russian. The people there are simple and hospitable, and they have been waiting for the most primitive life folks for generations. In the 19th century, Linjiang was found to have a large amount of sand gold. People came to the gold rush, and the goldsmiths married many Russian women. In the October Revolution, a group of Russian nobles came to Linjiang for refuge. Settle down. After a century of intermarriage, a new nation, the descendants of Chinese and Russian, has gradually formed. Although they still have the characteristics of Russians and some living habits from the appearance, but a local dialect, people only lament the wonders of time, history and culture. The houses of the villagers are basically the "woodcuts" of the typical residences of the Russians. The construction method of the woodcuts is mainly carved out with wood and hand ax. It is angular and very standardized and neat. Warm and cool in summer, strong and durable. Choose an open-view "wooden raft" room. When you are in good weather, sit at the bed and look out the window. Under the blue sky, the Erguna River flows quietly, there is no village across the river, only the ups and downs. The mountains, the lush vegetation, and the watchtower, everything is quiet, the tranquility of the distance and gaze, is also the best rest. Being in such a village is like walking into a fairy tale world. The moon bubble in the north of the child, the water is very clear, and the opposite village is Russia. Arriving at the moon bubble is a dirt road that is not too good to go, and there is no clear sign. The road sign is just a kilometer card that stands on the roadside of Gilalin to Bilal, so it is also very good to find the moon bubble. A lot of trouble. This is a yoke lake made by the Erguna River. It is shaped like a crescent moon. It is called a moon bubble by the locals. It is also a natural landscape. Of course, she is also the boundary river. It is located 25 kilometers away from the Linji Yuji Bi Line. On the banks of the Guna River. Whether you come or not, it is so curved and quietly lying on the edge of the mountain.
작성일: 2018년 12월 1일
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