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Today, mushrooms are coming to recommend a Guinness Book of Records, the world's tallest restaurant, At.Mosphere. The restaurant is located on the 122nd floor of the world's tallest tower of Burj Khalifa, floating in the clouds above the ground level of 1030 meters, and is rated as one of the most romantic places in Dubai. Want to watch the city panorama, in Dubai, apart from seaplanes and skydiving adventures, the most comfortable way is to watch the city change as you enjoy the food. To enter the At.Mosphere restaurant, you need to enter the Corporate Suites lobby in Burj Khalifa, take the elevator to the 123rd floor, and then walk down the stairs. The restaurant is mainly Western food, and the value of the value + taste is recommended. Not only can you eat dinner here, but also the afternoon tea is the most ideal place to enjoy. The afternoon tea is definitely the taste buds. Of course, come here to take a photo overlooking Dubai. The golden position is also a life achievement. The little friends can never imagine how it feels to eat at Genting Heaven Palace. God's perspective is instantly available. Restaurants can directly search for the public and search for seats, star ratings are a good high score! When dining at the restaurant, you don't have to queue up to the Burj Khalifa on the second floor. The friends must remember that this restaurant needs to be booked in advance. Don't miss the regret or delay in the trip~ and ask for a meal. Very formal ~
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