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South Korea's Dongjinjin - the closest coast train to the sea is located on the east coast of South Korea, Gangwon-do is known as a beautiful seascape world civilization coast train is from Gangneung Jeongdongjin Departure the nearest seaside station coast train slowly moving all the way to the picturesque coastline waves beat the rock spray to the train I want the train has been aimless The front coast train also has a special design each car is different the conductor will also interact with the rider, seat is facing the window outside the sea design Better view of the sea en route can be based on your choice of underground car play when buying tickets can be bought according to your needs do not have to sit from the head Tail general network can buy the coast train ticket in advance to see the time small train is a sightseeing train did not stop at a place You can get off the car for a while but remember to drive the time otherwise it will be very delay time because next The train will wait for a long time day back and forth seems to be two train midway riders will also appear on the train TV / design of special love interaction / Hh/ There are various Korean songs special warmth getting off is pretty beautiful here is the shooting location of the classic Korean drama winter love song (I have not seen it) But the scenery is really beautiful and romantic Seoul by train directly to Zhengdongjin or Seoul by bus to reach Gangneung by car to Zhengdongjin
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