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트립 모먼트

당슝,추천 트립 모먼트
Nam Co is the first god lake in the eyes of believers and is a famous Buddhist shrine. Compared with the softness of Yanghu, Namco is more sacred and solemn. Every major event, believers gather here to perform ritual worship. For believers, everything can be transferred. As long as they are given sacredness, they can rely on their own beliefs. When the event is over, the Namu Lake is full of Mani heaps that are blessed by evil spirits. When the believers pass by, they will always cast a stone and leave their own message. The altitude of Namu is very high, and the highest mouth is 5190 meters. The climate is fickle and even hail may be encountered in summer. It is because of the high altitude environment that it still maintains the original ecology. dust. This day's Namco is warm and warm, along the stone road, until it is close to the holy lake, the lake is still as old as it is, and people are already fascinated, one person and one stone are centered, and they look far and near. Everyone who has been to Namco, the soul seems to have been washed by pure lake water, and is condensed by the distant snow-capped mountains, and then with the clouds of the sky, as if in a white and blue world, cascading gradient The blue changes here repeatedly, white and blue are clear, and Namco will interpret the illusion between blue and white in front of our eyes. Transportation: Namco needs 8 hours to travel to Lhasa. It is recommended to charter or participate in a tour group's day/two-day tour tickets: peak season (5.1-10.31) 120 yuan/person, off-season (11.1-4.30) 100 Yuan / person. play time: 1~2 days
당슝,추천 트립 모먼트
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