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나무춰(납목조)는 라사(납살)에서 240km 떨어진 곳으로, 티베트 3대 성지호수 중 하나이자 티베트불교의 유명 성지입니다. 호수와 이어진 설산은 니엔칭탕구라산(염청당고납산)이며, 날씨가 좋을 때 설산 호수에 비춘 모습이 매우 평화롭고 고요합니다. 매년 티벳력 4월 15일에 사거다와절(살갈달와절) 기간 동안 나무춰에 와서 호수를 도는 신도들이 많습니다.
Namtso Lake National Park
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양바징 지열온천
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양바징(양팔정) 지열 온천은 지열 자원이 풍부한 라싸에 위치한 유명 온천입니다. 이곳은 일정한 지열 온도에 대규모 분천과 간헐천, 열호수가 있으며, 보기 드문 폭발온천도 존재합니다. 매일 새벽이 되면 지열 지대에서 생성된 거대한 수증기가 호수 표면으로 뿜어져 나와 별천지를 이룹니다. 운이 좋으면, 지열정에서 물이 분출하는 모습이나 들끓는 온천에서 온천수가 치솟는 장관을 볼 수 있습니다.
나글라 패스
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2020년 8월 9일
8 °
구름 많음
2020년 8월 10일
2020년 8월 11일
약한 비
2020년 8월 12일
약한 비

트립 모먼트

Lhasa is only over 100 kilometers away from Nam Co. It can be reached in a few hours. We have a natural sleep and wake up to get up. Since I only planned to stay there for one night, we left the bulky baggage in the inn, and only took the camera and the necessities of life (where there is any necessities of life, and there is no way to take a bath there). We can't get a car in the city, we take the bus and go out along the 109 National Road. The farthest and most ridiculous place that the bus can reach is Yangda Township. It is nearly 20 kilometers away from the urban area. There are still some small shops scattered around the road. It is good, in line with our expectations, and the beginning! A Fujian uncle with a pickup truck pulled us up. Uncle has been alone in Tibet for many years. Travelers like us have seen a lot. He said that he will take a ride if conditions permit. On the way, Uncle tells the story of his work in Tibet. When he meets attractions, such as Yangbajing, or other places worth mentioning, he will introduce us. There is a gate about 20 kilometers away from Namco, which stops the vehicles. All tourists have to buy tickets here. Of course, local residents and local merchants do not need to buy tickets. Uncle Fujian sees us. Big bag, then tell us not to talk, he went to explain with the ticket seller, actually passed directly! Although there was still no escape from the ticket gate at the entrance of the scenic spot, the uncle's enthusiasm has been remembered. Uncle is going to work in Dangxiong County, we will say goodbye to the uncle at the road junction of Namco and Dangxiong. There is still a long way to go from Nam Co. There are also many viewing platforms on this road. We have also taken a self-driving car and passed the level that allows us to buy tickets (and finally bought a half-price student ticket, Fortunately, we are all very tender, oh), and finally arrived at Nam Co. In the end, this road came and went, although it was only a dozen kilometers, but the weather was unpredictable, sometimes thunderstorms were done, and sometimes the sun was shining, we were almost wet. Due to the rain, our vehicles did not take pictures at the entrance to Namco, but when we saw the sapphire-like lake, our excitement was not reduced at all.
작성일: 2016년 4월 17일
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