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트립 모먼트

클라크 군,추천 트립 모먼트
클라크 군,추천 트립 모먼트
중앙 우체국
The Central Post Office is adjacent to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Saigon. This is the first post office in the French colonial period of Ho Chi Minh City. Today, the Central Post Office is a famous landmark in Ho Chi Minh City. Many people come here every day. The appearance of the post office at first glance looks like a grand station. If you look closely, you will find the design and decoration of each place.
Into the post office, the lobby is very spacious, richly decorated, very classical, with classical arch-shaped ceilings, round flower windows, large chandeliers, flower-shaped wall lamps and other gorgeous decorations, wide halls on both sides of the business counter The central part is a circular bench from the outside to the inside. There is a map of Vietnam on the left and right sides of the hall. It is said that it was hand-painted by French geographers.
Come to the post office. In addition to mailing a postcard to family and friends, the post office itself also has a lot of souvenirs for sale. I trust the counters officially sold by this post office, and the price is really not expensive. Aozhen women's ornaments only cost 8 yuan, refrigerator stickers only need 2-5 yuan, here also sells Vietnam's most famous Saigon perfume, the design elements of the bottle are also from the traditional clothing Austrian, about 350 yuan a bottle The whole counter sells a lot of commemorative things, and don't miss the friends who come to the post office.
Transportation: Take Bus No. 52 to get off at 7 Phm Ngc Thch Station, take Bus No. 26 and get off at 39 L Dun Station
클라크 군,추천 트립 모먼트
The Forbidden City in Beijing is the royal palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. It was formerly known as the Forbidden City. It is located in the center of Beijing's central axis and is the essence of ancient Chinese palace architecture. It was listed as a world cultural heritage in 1987.
The perennial tourists here are like a sea of people, how can we shoot the Forbidden City without people? I am going to teach you a guide to shooting no one in the Forbidden City.
Most tourists will only stroll on the route of the central axis. When they stroll, they will go to the palace building next to them. There is a cultural hall filled with sea bream flowers. Kun Palace, the treasure house that needs to pay, etc., it is worth to go slowly, I use life to guarantee, these places are really nothing, the tourists of the Forbidden City are all on the central axis, people are impressed by the crowded palace, 9/10 place Less than the majority of people in the country.
At the same time, in the principle of photographing, the light from noon to afternoon is not good, and it is more suitable for indoors and alleys.
Ok, let's go shopping slowly, probably to the Royal Garden, at 4:00, we started to go to the central axis, pay attention, don't go with the big troops to the exit of Shenwumen (on the axis of Laozi The Hall of Supreme Harmony is not too serious because there are too many people!) Now, when you go back, you will find that the people on the central axis are getting less and less, and the flow of people is very fast, waiting a little, you can shoot them casually. The Kunning Palace of the Peoples Palace.
클라크 군,추천 트립 모먼트
The Beijing Palace Museum is located in the Forbidden City in Beijing. The Forbidden City of Beijing is the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, the first batch of national 5A-level tourist scenic spots, and the advanced unit of ideological and moral construction work for minors in the country. In 1987, it was selected as the World Cultural Heritage List.
Closed on Monday, please be careful.
Ticket 60, you can brush the ID card into the inside, if you go back, it is recommended to rent the explanation device, which is more detailed.
Inside the Treasure Hall, Watch Museum, additional charges, tickets 10 yuan.
Look at the appearance for 3 hours to get it. If you want to see the treasure, please go out early.
Most of the inside is not open now, just look outside.
The souvenir of the Forbidden City is good, don't buy more, otherwise the wallet can't hold it.
The Forbidden City is the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties (AD 1368~1911). According to the ancient Chinese astrology theory, Ziwei (the North Star) is located in Zhongtian, where the Emperor is living, and the Heavenly Man corresponds to the Forbidden City. Also known as the Forbidden City. After the throne of the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Xi decided to move to Beijing. In 1406, he began to build a palace, and it was completed in the 18th year of Ming Yongle (AD 1420). In 1911, the Revolution of 1911 overthrew China's last feudal monarchy, the Qing Dynasty. In 1924, the Qing Emperor Ai Xinjue Luo Puyi was expelled from the palace.
The city wall has a city gate on each side: the south name is Wumen, the north is called Shenwumen, and the left and right are Donghuamen and Xihuamen. The Wumen Gate is the entrance to the entrance and the Shenwumen is the exit. Opposite the
exit is Jingshan Park.
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